Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 60: Personnel

Training and Development

BPPM 60.71

For more information contact:
   Human Resource Services


Washington State University provides employees with training and development opportunities in accordance with WAC 357-34 and WAC 200-600.


The purpose of training and development is to establish training opportunities which support employees in developing occupational and professional skills.


WSU adheres to the provisions of WAC 357-34 and WAC 200-600.

Advisory guidelines for University training are available in the Training and Development Guidelines from Human Resource Services (HRS).

Release Time

The University offers up to 96 hours of release time per fiscal year for each eligible employee to attend training. See BPPM 60.72 for more information.

The University or a department may require an employee to attend training. Required attendance during and/or outside of working hours is considered time worked.

Fee Waiver

Eligible employees may participate in the tuition fee waiver program for academic courses with prior supervisory approval (see BPPM 60.70 and 60.73).

Training Documentation

Departments may be required to document employee participation in specific types of training activities, in accordance with applicable state and federal regulations.

The department must retain training documentation created for an employee participant for six years after the employee terminates employment with the University, in accordance with state records retention requirements (see BPPM 90.01).

To fulfill the records retention requirement, departments may:

  • Retain documentation in departmental files or databases of employee participation in training programs and sessions; or
  • Collaborate with Human Resource Services (HRS) to provide documentation of employee participation in training programs and sessions as follows:
    • Schedule training sessions through HRS;
    • Obtain approval from HRS to enter the training documentation into the HRS electronic training database; or
    • Request assistance from HRS to enter the training documentation into the electronic training database.

Revisions:  July 2008 (Rev. 324); July 2005 (Rev 262); Dec. 2002 (Rev. 222); May 1997 (Rev. 103); Sept. 1990 (Rev. 83); Dec. 1988 – new policy (Rev. 72).