Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 60: Personnel

Unemployment Compensation Claims

BPPM 60.79

For more information contact:
   Human Resource Services


The department where a former employee was last employed may receive notices related to unemployment claims.

Send to HRS

Immediately route any forms or letters relating to unemployment claims to the Director of Human Resource Services. Some information requests have short response deadlines.

Do not complete unemployment claim forms. Human Resource Services (HRS) completes any required forms and routes appropriate information back to the requesting agency. HRS maintains records relating to unemployment compensation claims.


Such documentation may include the following: Claimant Separation Statement, Appeals Notice, Approval for Benefits, Notice for Extended Benefits, and Contract or Reasonable Assurance Information form. If the former employee was a veteran, the employing University department may receive a UCX Claim (Unemployment Compensation for Ex-Military).

Revisions:  Dec. 2006 (Rev. 291); May 1997 (Rev. 103);