Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 80: Services

Addressing Pullman Mail

BPPM 80.19

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Address Conventions

Use the following conventions to record Pullman addresses.

The University Name and Address File (UNAF) allows 25 spaces for a street address. The conventions in this section assist in editing addresses to conform to this limitation. See BPPM 90.70 for a description of UNAF.

Some Standard Abbreviations

Apartment APT
Circle CIR
Drive DR
Lane LN
Street ST

Street Directions

The Pullman address system divides the city into quadrants. Each quadrant corresponds generally to the Pullman hills: Military, College, Sunnyside, and Pioneer. All Pullman street addresses include a directional abbreviation that indicates the quadrant. They are SW, SE, NE, NW, E, W, S and N. The street address includes one of these directionals after the house number and before the name of the street.


900 NE B ST

Residence Halls

WSU residence halls are an exception to the rule about street directions. The mailing address is a residence hall room number and the name of the residence hall on the first line. The second line of the the address must be P.O. Box 1700. The P.O. Box number is the same (1700) for all residence halls.

Complete the residence hall address with the name of the residence hall and the word “Hall”. Stephenson and McEachern residence halls also include either E, S or N.

Student Name
431 Regents Hill Hall
PO Box 1700
Pullman WA 99163-1700
Student Name
232 Stephenson Hall S
PO Box 1700
Pullman WA 99163-1700

Sororities and Fraternities

Addresses for WSU’s sororities and fraternities follow the same convention as other Pullman street addresses.

Student Name
Delta Sigma Phi
635 NE Oak St
Pullman WA 99163-4193
Student Name
Kappa Kappa Gamma
800 NE Campus St
Pullman WA 99163-4291


The USPS has assigned street addresses to the apartment complexes in Pullman. Both the street number and the apartment number are needed in the mailing address.

Enter the apartment number after the street address.

Correct Incomplete
1920 NE Terre View Apt 123 Campus Commons N
1405 NE Merman Dr Apt 123 Campus Commons S
1540 NE Merman Dr Apt 100 North Campus Heights
1560 NE Merman Dr Apt 200 North Campus Heights
1580 NE Merman Dr Apt 301 North Campus Heights
1400 NE Valley Rd Bldg K4 Kamiak Apts
1630 NE Valley Rd Apt W204 W204 Steptoe Vlg
710 SE Chinook Dr Apt Q48 Q48 Chinook Vlg
2025 NE Terre View Dr Apt L31 L31 Chief Joseph Vlg
1401 NE Merman Dr Apt 102 102 Terrace

Post Office Boxes

The Pullman Post Office, located on the Lewiston Highway, has up to three-digit post office box numbers.

Mail Codes/ZIP + 4

WSU Pullman utilizes the ZIP + 4 system of the U.S. Postal Service. The correct location of this mail code depends on whether the mail is interdepartmental or part of the U.S. Postal system.

Interdepartmental Address U.S. Postal System Address
Department of Geology
Mail Code 2812
Department of Geology
Washington State University
PO Box 642812
Pullman WA 99164-2812
Note: WSU Pullman departmental addresses include a PO Box. The PO Box number is comprised of a leading 64 followed by the mail code.

Zip Codes

Pullman has two Zip codes:


WSU Pullman business offices: The U.S. Postal Service delivers all mail with a 99164 ZIP code to Mailing Services, University Publishing, Cooper Publications Building, for distribution with the campus mail.


Residence halls: The U.S. Postal Service, Pullman office, delivers residence hall mail with a 99163 zip code to WSU Mailing Services. WSU Mailing Services delivers residence hall mail to the hall and room number on the piece of mail.

Fraternities, sororities, rest of Pullman: The U.S. Postal Service, Pullman Office, delivers mail with a 99163 zip code to the address on the piece of mail.

Location Change

If a department moves to a new location that requires a change in mail stop, the department is solely responsible for all costs involved in printing stationery materials with the correct location.

Revisions:  Oct. 2016 (Rev. 480); Nov. 2005 (Rev. 269); Apr. 2001 (Rev. 181); Feb. 1991 – new policy (Rev. 85).