Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 80: Services

Moving Services at WSU Pullman

BPPM 80.48

For more information contact:
   Plant Services–Heavy Equipment


Heavy Equipment in Facilities Services, Operations’ Plant Services Division provides moving services for WSU Pullman campus departments on a recharge basis. The purpose of these services is to assist University departments with moving office furniture, equipment, and supplies.

These services are intended for any department that is not equipped to manage such moves without assistance. A department is not required to use these services if it can provide the necessary labor and equipment from within the department to move items as needed.

Non-Pullman departments are to contact the campus facilities department for information regarding campus moving services.


Departments submit requests for moving items through myFacilities.

Log in and click on Work Requests, and then choose the appropriate radio button to complete the online request form. Note: Any current Internet browser may be used to submit requests through this website.

For items being sent to surplus, choose Request Pick-Up or Drop-Off of Surplus Items. Contact Surplus Stores for more information; telephone 509-335-3089 or e-mail Surplus Stores.

For items going to campus locations other than Surplus Stores, choose Request Moving of Furniture or Equipment.


All moves conducted by Heavy Equipment must be approved and scheduled by Plant Services Administration.

The department should acquire insurance coverage or have a licensed, bonded, and insured professional move items that are expensive, sensitive, or likely to be damaged while moving.


For items being sent to surplus, contact Surplus Stores for a cost estimate; telephone 509-335-3089.

For items being moved to campus locations other than Surplus Stores, contact the Facilities Services, Operations Heavy Equipment department for cost estimates; telephone 509-335-9088.

Laboratory Equipment

Heavy Equipment provides moving services for laboratory equipment. The requesting department is responsible for the moving services cost. To avoid breakage, before laboratory equipment is moved the department must:

  • Decontaminate all laboratory items.
  • Attach the proper paperwork to all equipment items in accordance with the laboratory safety manual.

Hazard Evaluation

Laboratories and laboratory equipment are considered contaminated until documentation of hazard evaluation and decontamination is completed and approved (see BPPM 20.77 and SPPM 4.30).

Contact Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) or the Radiation Safety Office (RSO) for hazard evaluation and decontamination assistance.

  • EH&S telephone 509-335-3041
  • RSO telephone 509-335-8916

Revisions:  March 2018 (Rev. 510); Jan. 2010 (Rev. 354); Nov. 2007 (Rev. 309); July 2006 – new policy (Rev. 283).