Business Policies and Procedures Manual

Fuel Credit Cards

(Appendix 1: Comdata Reconciliation Report Instructions)

BPPM 95.37

For more information contact:
   Accounts Payable

Running the Reconciliation Report

To make copies of the Comdata Reconciliation Report follow the procedures below:

Step 1

Go to: Mansfield Fuels.

Note: The Mansfield Energy Corporation manages the billing process for Comdata transactions.

Enter the Mansfield user ID and password. Accounts Payable sends this information to the card custodian after training is completed.

Select Login (Fig. 1). Enter the Mansfield user ID and password. Accounts Payable, Card Services sends this information to the card custodian after training is completed.

Comdata Reconciliation Report login screen
Figure 1

Step 2

On the left side of the Homepage, select Reports (Fig. 2).

Comdata Reconciliation Report selection
Figure 2

Step 3

Select the report Detail by Agency (Fig. 3).

Comdata Reconciliation Report selection detail by agency
Figure 3

Step 4

In the Report Viewer set-up screen (Fig. 4):

  • Choose a Company by selecting the applicable account code / department name from the dropdown list.
  • Enter the first day of the past month under Start Date.
  • Enter the last day of the past month under End Date.
  • Leave the Date Criteria at the default setting (Post Dates – Billed).
  • Leave the Choose a Site and Filter by Vehicle ID fields empty.
Comdata Reconciliation Report setup screen
Figure 4

Step 5

Select View Report.

A screen appears indicating that the Report is Generating. When the report is complete, a Fuel Report screen appears.

Step 6

To print the Comdata Reconciliation Report:

  • From the Save options (floppy disk icon) drop down list, select the PDF format.
  • In the dialogue box, choose an appropriate location to save the file.
  • Select Save.
  • Print a copy for reconciliation to the transaction receipts.
  • When finished, select Sign Out and close the web browser.

Step 7

Write the Foundation Data Model (FDM) worktags for each transaction on the Reconciliation Report.

Step 8

Obtain the signature of the expenditure authority(ies) for all of the listed accounts.

Step 9

File the reports and the receipts together. Retain the report and receipt packets for six years after the end of the fiscal year, in accordance with University records retention requirements (see BPPM 90.01).

Revisions:  See BPPM 95.37 revision history.