Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms Safety Policies and Procedures Manual

Revised 11-21


Emergency Contacts and Information


This section provides emergency information links and contacts for use by persons at the WSU Pullman, WSU Spokane, WSU Tri-Cities, WSU Vancouver, and WSU Everett campuses. (See also Further Information below.)

Persons at other locations should refer to local telephone directories for emergency telephone numbers.

Washington Poison Center

EXCEPTION: The Washington Poison Center (WAPC) number may be used from anywhere in Washington; telephone 1-800-222-1222.

WSU Pullman

The following telephone numbers and emergency services websites are for use by persons at WSU Pullman.

Emergencies Only

For emergencies only call 9-1-1:

  • To request the following services:
    • Police
    • Sheriff
    • Fire
    • Emergency medical services/ambulance
  • To report the following:
    • Hazardous materials spills
    • Biohazards/blood spills
    • Air/water pollution releases
    • Radioactive materials spills

NOTE: There may be a few second switching delay when calling from campus telephones. DO NOT HANG UP.

An emergency communications operator from the local dispatcher, WHITCOM, is available 24 hours a day to receive calls and dispatch the proper response.

Calmly provide the operator with factual details of the incident and any other required information. Let the emergency operator hang up first.

Campus Utility Outages

To report utility outages at WSU Pullman, contact Facilities Services, Operations; telephone 509-335-9000.

Business Issues or Nonemergencies

Use one of the following telephone numbers for WSU Pullman safety-related business or other nonemergency calls.

WSU Police509-332-2521 (Nonemergency)
509-335-8548 (Business)
Pullman Fire Department509-332-8172 (Business)
Pullman Police Department509-332-2521 (Nonemergency)
509-334-0802 (Business/Information)
Whitman County Sheriff509-397-6266 (Business)
Office of Emergency Management (OEM)
(Available 24 hrs./day)
Student Health and Wellness509-335-3575
Pullman Regional Hospital509-332-2541
WSU Biosafety Office509-335-9553
Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S)509-335-3041
Facilities Services, Operations509-335-9000
WSU Radiation Safety Office509-335-8916
Emergency Alerts

For current alerts, see the OEM website.

WSU Spokane

Reporting Emergencies

For an emergency at WSU Spokane posing a threat to life or property, call 911. (To dial 911 on campus, there is no need to dial 9 before dialing 911, just dial 911).

For emergencies that do not pose a threat to life or property, call Campus Security at 509-358-7995.

Emergency Response

The WSU Spokane Emergency Management website provides information regarding how to respond in the event of an emergency at WSU Spokane.

WSU Tri-Cities

Reporting Emergencies

For any emergency at WSU Tri-Cities posing a threat to life or property (such as fire, medical emergency, or crime in progress), call 911. After calling 911, call 509-372-7234 to notify campus responders of the incident.

Report incidents which do not threaten life or property by calling 509-372-7234.

Emergency Information and Additional Contacts

The following websites provide additional contacts information for use by persons at WSU Tri-Cities:

WSU Vancouver

The following websites provide contacts and information for use by persons at WSU Vancouver:

WSU Everett

The WSU Everett Campus Emergency Procedures website provides information for use by persons at WSU Everett.

Further Information

For more detailed information, see: