Executive Policy Manual

EP34 – Online Program Policy

Revision approved June 23, 2016


All WSU for-credit courses taught in an online format are delivered through the WSU Global Campus to ensure adherence to all federal and state regulatory requirements affecting online learning and to ensure coordination of WSU distance learning activities. Online courses are defined as courses which utilize electronic delivery technologies and are void of some physical-campus attendance component. This policy does not negate the use of external partners who provide complimentary services to the Global Campus, provided the agreement is approved by the Global Campus.

  • At minimum, all online courses adhere to best practice standards established by the Global Campus. These standards ensure compliance with disability accommodation, copyright, state authorization, and other legal requirements which may negatively impact the University.
  • The Global Campus provides an online learning environment which ensures efficient and systematic delivery of courses and programs. This environment also ensures continuity in the student experience from one course to another.

All decisions to develop/offer online courses/programs reside with the appropriate college dean. That is, offering for-credit courses or programs in an academic discipline requires the formal approval of the dean where that discipline resides.

Annual average full-time enrollment (AAFTE) funding for WSU courses taught in an online format are dispersed to the campus providing the instructional effort for the online course. It is recognized that costs associated with an online course may be incurred by various units; therefore, it is expected that affected units will negotiate the appropriate distribution of the AAFTE funding.

Revisions:  June 2016 (Rev. 67); July 2013 – new policy (Rev. 52)