Safety Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 2: General Workplace Safety

Safety Orientation

SPPM 2.16

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   Environmental Health and Safety

Form:  Safety Orientation Checklist


Unit administrators are responsible for ensuring that employees are aware of current applicable University and departmental safety policies and procedures. Likewise, unit administrators are to ensure that employees are aware of applicable state and/or federal regulations and codes when circumstances warrant.

Departmental Safety Orientation

The immediate supervisor orients and trains individuals undertaking new job responsibilities. Such individuals include:

  • New employees
  • Rehires
  • Part-time and temporary employees
  • Transfers
  • Those assigned new job responsibilities
  • Volunteers

The orientation occurs on the first day of employment in the new job.

Supervisors determine the need and timing for repeat training.

Safety Orientation Checklist

The immediate supervisor instructs the new employee regarding job safety requirements following the Safety Orientation Checklist. Print the master or complete onscreen and print for copies of the form. The supervisor and employee sign the checklist. The department places the signed checklist in the employee’s personnel file.

Revisions:  July 2022 (Rev. 135); Jan. 2013 (Rev. 97); Oct. 1991 (Rev. 9); Feb. 1987 (Rev. 3); June 1986 (Rev. 1*).