Safety Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 2: General Workplace Safety


SPPM 2.50

For more information contact:
   Environmental Health and Safety

Form:  Safety Inspection Checklist


The purpose of safety self inspections is to identify and control workplace hazards and to ensure compliance with University policies and regulatory requirements.

Safety Inspections

The unit administrator is responsible for ensuring that an annual safety inspection is conducted to identify and control workplace hazards.

The unit supervisor, with the assistance of the unit safety committee, is responsible for conducting annual safety inspections for their area.

Safety inspections are to be conducted at least annually. However, high-hazard areas, i.e., workshops and laboratories, should be inspected more frequently.

Inspection Checklist

Use the Safety Inspection Checklist as a guide to conduct safety inspections. Complete and/or print the master to obtain copies of the checklist.

Other sources which can be consulted or utilized in conducting safety inspections include:

  • Suggestions and Hazard Notification forms submitted by employees.
  • Reports of accidents and near misses that occurred in the unit during the last year.
  • Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S)
  • Fire Marshal, Department of Public Safety

Inspection Results

Enter the inspection results on the Safety Inspection Checklist.

Forward the completed Safety Inspection Checklist to the unit administrator for review. The unit administrator initiates action to address any safety deficiencies noted on the worksheet.

Safety inspection results should be reviewed and discussed at the next scheduled safety committee or foreman/crew meeting. The safety committee may recommend action to address any safety deficiencies.

Inspection Follow-up

The unit administrator ensures that the noted safety deficiencies are addressed. The unit administrator logs a description on the Safety Inspection Checklist of the action initiated for each noted item.

The unit retains the completed Safety Inspection Checklist and forwards a copy to EH&S; mail code 1172.


Contact Environmental Health and Safety; telephone 509-335-3041; for:

  • Clarification of inspection items.
  • Assistance in conducting inspections.
  • Assistance with developing plans to correct deficient items which are not under the control or responsibility of the unit.

Contact the Fire Marshal, Department of Public Safety, for assistance with fire safety inspection items; telephone 509-335-8548.

Revisions:  Oct. 2007 (Rev. 71); Feb. 1987 (Rev. 3).