Safety Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 6: Public Health and Environmental Quality

Swimming Pools and Spas

SPPM 6.52

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   Environmental Health and Safety


The Shared Facility Committee, with assistance from Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S), Facilities Services, Operations, and University Recreation, is responsible for ensuring that safe and sanitary swimming pool and spa facilities are provided in accordance with WAC 246-260.

Reporting Complaints / Emergencies

Refer all concerns, complaints, or suspected illnesses from swimming pools or spas to EH&S and University Recreation for prompt investigation.

During Regular Working Hours

Contact EH&S; telephone 509-335-3041.

During Off-Hours for Complaints

Contact the Facilities Services, Operations dispatcher; telephone 509-335-9000.

During Off-hours for Emergencies

Dial 911.

Role of EH&S

Environmental Health and Safety monitors the operations, maintenance, and water quality of the swimming pools at the Pullman campus to insure they comply with all state, local, and University requirements.

Services Provided

Environmental Health and Safety:

  • Inspects all local health department and/or Department of Health (DOH)-permitted swimming pools and spas on a yearly basis.
  • Assists departments with obtaining Whitman County Health Department operating permits for each facility.
  • Reviews plans and specifications for new construction and remodels.
  • Assists other departments, such as Facilities Services, Operations and University Recreation, in meeting new regulatory requirements.

Swimming Pool Operations

Facilities Services, Operations or University Recreation maintains and services the swimming pools. The Assistant Director of Aquatics in University Recreation coordinates swimming pool activities and operations.

Shared Facility Committee

Representatives from University Recreation, Athletics, College of Education, the Provost’s Office, Facilities Services, Operations, and EH&S serve on the Committee. The Shared Facility Committee formulates policies regarding the operations and maintenance of the swimming pools.

Whitman County Operating Permit Fees

Environmental Health and Safety has an interagency agreement with the Whitman County Health Department (WCHD) to perform inspections of all permitted swimming pool facilities on WSU property in Whitman County.

In exchange for performing inspections, the WCHD charges applicable WSU departments annual operating permit fees and reimburses EH&S.

Revisions:  Mar. 2011 (Rev. 89); Jan. 2005 (Rev. 57); Dec. 1997 – new policy (Rev. 17).