Safety Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 9: Radiation Safety

Authorization to Possess and Use Ionizing Radiation

SPPM 9.40

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   Radiation Safety Office


University policy permits the use of radioactive materials and sources of ionizing radiation in research, teaching, and service by granting authorizations for radiation use to permanent University staff members (sublicensing).

The use of radiation sources is a privilege that the state and federal governments grant to the University through the issuance of licenses and permits. In order for the University to retain the privilege, all persons who use sources of radiation must follow University policies and procedures for safe and legally-compliant use and disposal of such sources.


The use of radioactive materials and radiation-generating machines is vital to many of the research, teaching, and service goals of the University.

Such uses are beneficial to the University and society and can be performed in a safe and compliant manner through the implementation of an effective radiation protection program.


Approved authorized users are considered to be sublicensees of the University’s licenses and permits. Authorized users must ensure that compliance is maintained with applicable regulations and license and permit conditions. In addition, all authorized users and radiation workers must comply with the policies, procedures, and directives of the following:

  • The University
  • The Radiation Safety Committee
  • The University Radiation Safety Officer

If an authorized user requests a source of radiation that requires “increased controls,” the Radiation Safety Committee ensures that Section 652 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct) is fulfilled. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) determines some sources of radiation to be of such significance to the public health and safety or the common defense and security as to warrant fingerprinting and background checks. Such actions are considered to be increased controls.

Revisions:  Sept. 2014 – entire Chapter 9 revised (Rev. 102). Contact PRF about previous revision history for this chapter.