EPM Revision #108

December 1, 2022

University Executive Administrators have approved the following revision to the Executive Policy Manual.

Policy on Policies EP5

This revision:

  • Updates the policy to apply solely to administrative system-wide policies and procedures.
  • Clarifies the types of other University policies and procedures that are not covered by the EP5 requirements.
  • Updates definitions of terms applicable to this policy.
  • Adds a requirement for equity lens review and use of an Equity Lens Tool, to be provided from the PRF website.
  • Updates the process for requesting, reviewing, and approving new administrative policies, major revisions, and deletions of policies and procedures, as well as the process for requesting minor revisions.
  • Updates the requirements for periodic reviews of existing administrative policies and procedures.
  • Changes the name of the office responsible for processing and publishing administrative policies and procedures from Procedures, Records, and Forms to Policies, Records, and Forms.
  • Reformats the draft to conform with the formatting of the online manuals, using WSU brand and PRF manuals style guidelines.