EPM Revision #109

December 16, 2022

University Executive Administrators have approved the following revision to the Executive Policy Manual.

EP9 Facilities Names Policies and Procedures

This revision updates the:

  • Policy and procedures for requesting that a University facility be named after an individual, group of individuals, or organization;
  • Principles and criteria for naming WSU facilities;
  • Process for assigning temporary names; and
  • Criteria and process for facility renaming or name removal.

EP45 University Ethics Policy

This new policy:

  • Sets forth requirements for ethical conduct applicable to University personnel;
  • Serves as an umbrella policy that consolidates and links to various requirements related to ethics; and
  • Establishes mandatory ethics training for all University personnel.
  • Supersedes currently existing BPPM sections 10.21, 10.22, and 20.37, which will be removed upon publication of this new policy.