SPPM Revision #108

September 20, 2016

This SPPM revision includes the following changes:

Employee Medical Surveillance 2.45

This new section provides policy, procedures, and requirements regarding medical surveillance for employees who work with regulated hazardous materials or under regulated hazardous work conditions. The section also describes the University’s radiation exposure monitoring program for employees who work with radiation sources.


Disposal of Laboratory Glass Waste 4.26

This revision:

  • Renames the section from “Disposal of Glass Waste” to “Disposal of Laboratory Glass Waste.”
  • Clarifies that the scope of the section applies to disposal of laboratory glass materials that are not for consumer use.
  • Updates the procedures for processing chemically- or biologically-contaminated glass waste.
  • Updates the types of containers that are allowed to be used for disposing of glass waste.
  • Adds requirements regarding pickup of allowable containers.
  • Updates the types of labels to be placed on such containers.
  • Changes the contact office for questions regarding biologically-contaminated glass from Environmental Health and Safety to Office of Research Assurances.


Laboratory Signage 4.33

This new section provides responsibilities, requirements, and procedures for the University’s Laboratory Signage Program. The program is intended to ensure that potential hazards are identified and communicated to anyone entering laboratory spaces.