BPPM Revision #477

September 8, 2016

This BPPM revision includes the following changes:

Using Discretionary 17A Accounts 70.33

This revision:

  • Directs departments to follow the procedures in BPPM 70.20 to request an employee reimbursement when the claimant is not in travel status.
  • Adds the use of a purchasing card, in accordance with the procedures and restrictions in BPPM 70.08, as an allowable method of paying a vendor directly.
  • Changes the cost limit for meals and refreshments at events.
  • Adds a stipulation that use of 17A funds for meals and refreshments at routine faculty and staff meetings is not allowed.
  • Removes the miscellaneous expense item “Research participant costs and study subject payments. Funds must first be transferred to a program 10 account.” NOTE: Use of 17A funds is still allowed for cash, gift certificates, or other tangible items that are given to participants in research projects.
  • Adds procedures for requesting allowable cash advances.