BPPM Revision #523

November 7, 2018

This BPPM revision includes the following changes:

CougarCard 10.08

This revision:

  • Updates the identification procedures for obtaining a CougarCard.
  • Clarifies the optional function of linking a CougarCard to a U.S. Bank account (referred to as CougarCard Maxx).
  • Clarifies that cardholders with preferred or chosen names are not eligible for CougarCard Maxx.
  • Updates the contact information for the WSU Everett Cougar Card office.

Purchasing Advertisements 70.39

This revision:

  • Updates the equal opportunity/affirmative action statements required on all position advertisements.
  • Clarifies the information required for inclusion with vendor order or purchasing documentation.
  • Updates the advance review procedure of faculty and AP position advertisements.
  • Adds a reference to the HRS website for additional diversity statement recommendations for some positions.
  • Clarifies the procedures for verifying the accuracy and placement of requested advertisements.
  • Changes the title of this section from “Purchasing Advertising” for clarification.

Release of Public Records 90.05

This minor amendment updates the methods available to requesters for submitting public records requests to the University.

University Name and Address File 90.70

This revision:

  • Adds information regarding the address system maintained by Payroll Services.
  • Adds a reference to BPPM 90.75 regarding name or legal sex designation changes.
  • Updates the procedures for retirees to submit address changes.
  • Updates procedures regarding student or student employee address restriction.
  • Adds procedures regarding other student records restriction.

Name and Legal Sex Designation Changes and Name Coding Conventions 90.75

This revision:

  • Changes the name of the section from “Name Changes and Name Coding Conventions.”
  • Updates documentation requirements and clarifies that Payroll Services processes recorded legal changes in sex designation.
  • Provides procedures for individuals to add nicknames to their personal information in myWSU.
  • Updates the procedure for viewing processed name changes.
  • Updates the procedure and requirements for name changes related to diplomas and academic records.