BPPM Revision #526

February 7, 2019

This BPPM revision includes the following changes:

Managing Research Records 45.35

This revision updates the policy, definitions, requirements, and responsibilities for managing records related to University research.

Travel Management 95.01

This revision:

  • Changes the title of this section from “General Travel Policies.”
  • Updates and clarifies the requirements, procedures, and reference information applicable to the management of WSU travel.
  • Moves the Travel Authority form from BPPM 95.05 to this section (BPPM 95.01).
  • Updates the Travel Authority form for clarity and conformance with the revised procedures.

University Travel Charge Card 95.03

This revision:

  • Updates the requirements, responsibilities, and procedures for requesting and using the University travel charge card.
  • Updates the actions to be taken by the issuing financial institution and the University regarding delinquency and collection of outstanding debts.
  • Adds a cardholder agreement to the Travel Charge Card Application and updates the form for clarity.

Travel Advance 95.05

This revision:

  • Changes the title of the section from “Travel Authority.”
  • Updates and clarifies the requirements and procedures applicable to the management of travel advances.
  • Removes the Travel Authority (TA) form and procedures from this section. The TA is now in BPPM 95.01.