BPPM Revision #550

July 9, 2020

This BPPM revision includes the following changes:

Institutional Base Salary and Salary Cap 40.40

This new section provides policy, definitions, responsibilities, and examples regarding the treatment of institutional base salary related to sponsored projects and applicable salary caps.

Pesticide Policy Overview 45.65

This revision clarifies that personnel driving a tractor (with or without an enclosed cab) while applying pesticides are required to be licensed.

Use of Registered Pesticides 45.69

This revision:

  • Clarifies why a person driving a tractor while applying pesticides is required to be licensed.
  • Updates requirements for supplying decontamination water to workers and handlers to reflect current guidelines.
  • Updates the list of emergency assistance information that must be provided to employees and medical attendants in cases of pesticide exposure.
  • Adds references to related WAC regulations.

Tuition Waivers–Fall and Spring Semesters 60.70

This revision removes course numbers 700, 702, and 800 from courses ineligible for the tuition waiver.