BPPM Revision #558

November 5, 2020

This BPPM revision includes the following changes:

Keys to University Rooms and Buildings 50.25

This revision:

  • Clarifies department responsibilities under introductory “Responsibility” section.
  • Adds a reference to external contractors and researchers in determining need for keys.
  • Clarifies that keys may be kept in alternate secure locations other than key storage boxes purchased
    from the Key Shop.
  • Adds key control policies and procedures for the WSU Research and Extension Centers.

Safety and Security Video and Audio Surveillance–WSU Pullman 50.35

This new section provides policy and procedures to regulate and standardize the use of electronic security and safety video surveillance systems on the WSU Pullman campus.  This new section includes a Security Camera System Access Request form.

Cash Awards for WSU Employees 55.56

This revision:

  • Adds clarification of monetary limit for awards from state funds (per RCW 41.60.150)
  • Updates the withholding tax rate.
  • Adds the Paid Family and Medical Leave deduction.
  • Updates examples to reflect the above changes.

Gift Cards and Cash Equivalents Purchase and Use 70.44

This revision:

  • Removes reference to RCW 41.60.150.
  • Adds reference to BPPM 55.56 for recognition awards.
  • Changes the title of subsection from “Recognition Gifts Limit” to “Recognition Award Limit” and clarifies that the award limit
    must adhere to BPPM 55.56.
  • Decreases gift card limits from $250 to $200.
  • Removes the “Check Limits” subsection.
  • Changes “gift cards” to “gift cards or prizes” under the “Gift Card / Prize Limits” subsection.