BPPM Revision #573

July 30, 2021

This BPPM revision includes the following changes:

Cash Awards to WSU Employees 55.56

This revision:

  • Updates the procedure for creating a one-time payment in Workday for a cash award.
  • Removes specific tax deduction information and examples.
  • Adds a process to follow if the award is confidential.

Relocation Compensation 55.62

This revision:

  • Adds reference to WAC 357-28-310 stating that HRS, in collaboration with the President’s Office is required to authorize relocation compensation for civil service employees.
  • Updates source funding account coding information in accordance with Workday worktags.
  • Adds a note that departments may choose “gross up” method to cover taxes for employee.
  • Clarifies that completed relocation compensation forms are retained at the department level and removes the instructions for routing the form to Payroll.
  • Removes reference to the Personnel Action form.
  • Adds a reference to BPPM 70.03 for source funding functions.
  • Removes information about withholding tax from relocation compensation
  • Updates the Relocation Compensation Request form with a signature box for HRS authorization and Workday worktags for account identification.

University Purchases from State Employees 70.15

This revision:

  • Changes the contact for questions from Internal Auditor to Ethics Compiance Advisor.
  • Clarifies the meaning of “assisting transactions” in regards to RCW 42.52.040.
  • Updates the web URL for EEB Contracting with State Agencies website.
  • Removes Internal Audit as co-owner of section.

Safety Records Retention and Disposition table (90.01)

This revision includes the following changes to the Safety Records Retention and Disposition table as approved by the State Records Committee on June 5, 2021:

  • Compost and Solid Waste Handling Facility Records (DAN 10-12-62325) – Replaced “WAC 173-350-220” with “WAC 173-350-220(6)(d)” in description.
  • Drinking Water Bacteriological Data (DAN 00-07-59791) – Moved from Safety Records to EH&S department schedule.
  • Drinking Water Chemical Analysis Data (DAN 11-02-62415) – Moved from Safety Records to EH&S department schedule.
  • Drinking Water Chlorination Reports (DAN 00-07-59788) – Removed “and fluoridation” from title and description.
  • Drinking Water Systems Surveys and Special Purpose Investigation Reports (DAN 00-07-59789) – Added “and WAC 246-290-485” to description.
  • On-Site Sewage System Permits (DAN 00-07-59785) – Added “Records retention requirement in accordance with WAC 246-272A-0200 and WAC 346-272B-02700” to description.