BPPM Revision #597

November 21, 2022

This BPPM revision includes the following changes:

Withholding Federal and State Income Taxes 55.10

This revision:

  • Updates the requirements and procedures regarding federal withholding tax.
  • Adds requirements and procedures for the withholding of applicable state taxes, depending on employee home location.
  • Changes the title of this section from Withholding Federal Income Tax (W-4 Form).

Payment Upon Separation of Employment 55.49

This revision:

  • Updates the procedure regarding deduction of income tax to include state withholding tax, if applicable.
  • Updates the procedures regarding inclusion of sick leave earnings in either a VEBA MEP account or sick leave payment as part of the final paycheck.
  • Changes the references regarding “medical expenses” to “health expenses” as related to the definition of a VEBA MEP account.
  • Updates the procedures regarding address changes and obtaining final paychecks and copies of pay slips and W-2s.