BPPM Revision #613

August 17, 2023

This BPPM revision includes the following changes:

Use of Resources to Support a Charity, Charitable Organization, or Charitable Purpose 10.24

This policy is removed from the BPPM.

Recruitment and Selection of Administrative Professional Personnel 60.17

This revision adds the Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration and Executive Vice President of Health Sciences as positions that may make an executive appointment.

Cyclic-Year Positions for Classified Employees 60.30

This revision clarifies that if an employee works for another dept. on an hourly basis during a scheduled LWOP period, they may be eligible to accrue annual/sick leave for the additional work time, rather than they will accrue. The Cyclic-Year Memorandum is also updated as part of this revision.

Teleworking 60.34

This revision:

  • Removes the subsection “Child Care” because the telework agreement form does not require that at this time.
  • Removes the definition of “remote work location” because it is defined in Workday.
  • Updates the terms of employment.

Protected Health Information Risk Assessment 88.20

This new policy provides requirements and procedures for conducting and documenting risk assessments of protected health information (PHI), in accordance with federal HIPAA regulations.