Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 30: Finance

Workday Reports

BPPM 30.07

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The Workday Finance, Grants, HCM (Human Capital Management), Procurement, and Payroll reports are a means of communicating financial information between University units. The reports provide WSU ledger account information, which permits the comparison of commitments (expenditures and encumbrances) with allocations and revenues.

Such comparison assists deans, budget administrators, finance officers and principal investigators in monitoring and controlling each project’s financial activities.

Personnel should check the applicable Workday reports monthly to make sure recorded commitments to the account are an accurate reflection of actual commitments as documented by the responsible department.

Using Workday Reports

The responsible administrator (dean, chair, etc.) may delegate to a specific office group or individual responsibility for carefully monitoring assigned accounts.

Personnel may use the Workday reports and project transaction records in Workday to get a relatively current accounting of project allocations, revenues, encumbrances and expenditures. An accurate accounting of a project’s financial status is critical when the project is nearly out of money or when the end of the fiscal year or agreement period is near.

Reconciliation Procedures

Refer to BPPM 30.06 for suggested reconciliation procedures.

Workday Instructions

See the Using Workday Reports reference guides for instructions for accessing and using the various types of Workday reports.

Revisions:  January 2021 (Rev. 560); Sept. 2007 (Rev. 303); May 1997 (Rev. 103); Feb. 1991 (Rev. 85); Mar. 1985 (Rev. 59).