Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 50: Safety and Security

Building Security and Hours

BPPM 50.23

For more information contact:
   Facilities Services


Each campus in the WSU system establishes security protocols, including specific building hours, for all University buildings. This section provides an overview of security protocol management at the WSU campuses.

Non-Pullman Campuses

The campus facilities and public safety or security departments establish building hours and building security protocols for the WSU Everett, WSU Spokane, WSU Tri-Cities, and WSU Vancouver campuses. 

WSU Everett

For further information, contact the campus Facilities Manager; telephone 425-405-1566; or the Campus Safety Officer; telephone 425-315-4014.

WSU Spokane

For further information regarding WSU Spokane building hours, access, and security, see the WSU Spokane Safety and Security website.

WSU Tri-Cities

For further information regarding WSU Tri-Cities building hours, access, and security, see the WSU Tri-Cities Campus Hours and Campus Safety and Security websites.

WSU Vancouver

For further information, contact campus Facilities Services; telephone 360-546-9000; or Public Safety; telephone 360-546-9001.

WSU Pullman Campus

The Washington State University Police Department maintains the security of University property at the WSU Pullman campus. Police officers make after-hours security checks of buildings during the night, on weekends and on holidays.

Building Hours

Specific building hours are established for University buildings at the WSU Pullman campus through discussions among the Associate Vice President, Facilities Services, the Executive Director, Public Safety, and the primary building occupants.

Submit requests to establish or change building hours to the Associate Vice President, Facilities Services, via the cognizant area dean or equivalent administrator.

Normal Public Hours

Most University buildings are open to the public from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Some buildings may be locked for operational reasons and not open to the public for any hours.

Also, most University buildings are not open to the public on weekends, holidays, or during other operational closures.

Additional information is available from WSU Police; telephone 509-335-8548; or Facilities Services; telephone 509-335-9000.


Responsibility for securing buildings at WSU Pullman is as follows:

  • A Facilities Services custodian locks and unlocks exterior doors in accordance with established operational needs unless the building is equipped with CougarCard access door systems. (See also BPPM 10.08.)
  • Department personnel are responsible for locking and unlocking all interior doors (except classrooms) that open into hallways.
  • When a building is used after hours by authorized personnel, the user is responsible, upon leaving, to see that the interior doors entering into hallways AND the exterior doors are closed and locked. If a door does not lock, contact Facilities Services, Operations; telephone 509-335-9000; or notify WSU Police; telephone 509-335-8548.

Authorized Access

The department administrator authorizes and issues an entrance key to each department employee requesting access to a building after normal public hours (see BPPM 50.25).

Personnel who do not have keys and require entrance to a University building must contact the WSU Police for access authorization; telephone 509-335-8548.

Only authorized personnel may be in University buildings after normal public hours. Authorized personnel must carry CougarCards as identification and show them to WSU Police and/or security staff upon request (see BPPM 50.24).

Revisions:  December 2021 (Rev. 583); July 1999 (Rev. 143); Mar. 1983 (Rev. 51); June 1975 – new policy (Rev. 1).