Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 70: Purchasing

Purchasing Used Equipment from Outside Suppliers

BPPM 70.23

For more information contact:
   Purchasing Services


WSU normally buys new equipment at substantial discount through a competitive bid process.

Often, the purchase of used equipment does not lend itself to competitive bid procedures. The requisitioning department is responsible for determining whether used equipment is available on the market. The department is to maintain a written record of any used equipment search.

If the department wishes to use the bid process, contact Purchasing Services for assistance.

Establishing Value

Used equipment priced over $5000 requires two appraisals by firms or persons judged to be knowledgeable regarding the equipment and who are not associated with the seller or the buying department.

If actual appraisals are not available or are impractical, such as for purchases through online auctions, departments must provide sufficient documentation to establish the value of the equipment. Such documentation may include pricing on comparable items, blue book value, and cost savings achieved by buying used equipment.

Surplus Equipment

To obtain surplus equipment:

  • Under federal grants and contracts, see BPPM 40.12 for acquisition procedures.
  • From other University departments, see BPPM 20.80.
  • From Surplus Stores, see BPPM 20.76.

Revisions:  January 2021 (Rev. 560); Nov. 2011 (Rev. 390); Feb. 2010 (Rev. 356); Sept. 2006 (Rev. 288); Mar. 2003 (Rev. 226).