Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 80: Services

Shipping Services

BPPM 80.15

For more information:
   See Section 1.3 (Assistance)

1.0   Shipping Service

Central Receiving and Delivery (CRD) processes outgoing shipments for University departments located on the Pullman campus. The respective campus mailing services offices process outgoing shipments for departments located at WSU Spokane, WSU Tri-Cities, and WSU Vancouver. Note: WSU Everett handles all mailing and shipping services through the campus front desk.

Using the campus shipping and mailing services offices enables WSU to minimize service vehicle traffic on the Pullman, Spokane, Tri-Cities, and Vancouver campuses.

1.1    Hazardous Materials

Prior to requesting shipment of hazardous materials, refer to SPPM 5.40 and the Office of Research Assurances Hazardous Materials Shipping.

1.2    Overnight Service

Use CRD or campus mailing services for overnight shipments by Federal Express or other carriers offering overnight service (see also BPPM 80.28).

1.3    Assistance

Contact CRD or campus mailing services for assistance and advice. CRD and campus mailing services personnel can explain shipping and routing options. CRD and the campus mail service offices also provide rate quotes and insurance prices. See also BPPM 80.28 regarding freight discounts and SPPM 5.40 regarding shipping hazardous materials.

1.3.a   WSU Everett

For information concerning all WSU Everett shipping and mailing services, contact the front desk; telephone 425-405-1600.

1.3.b   WSU Pullman

For more information concerning WSU Pullman shipping services, see the Central Receiving and Delivery website, or telephone 509-335-5575.

1.3.c   WSU Spokane

For more information concerning WSU Spokane shipping services, contact Mailing Services at 412 E. Spokane Falls Blvd., SCF 410A; telephone 509-368-6995.

1.3.d   WSU Tri-Cities

For more information concerning WSU Tri-Cities shipping services, see Shipping and Receiving Services; telephone 509-372-7273.

1.3.e   WSU Vancouver

For more information concerning all WSU Vancouver shipping services, see WSU Vancouver Mailroom, or telephone 360-546-9708.

2.0   Request Form

Shipping request forms direct the campus receiving or shipping office to do the following:

  • Bill the specified account for shipping charges.
  • Ship an outgoing package.

2.1    Request Forms or Documents

See below for shipping request forms or documents, which are available for use by campus departments.

2.1.a   WSU Pullman

WSU Pullman departments use the Request for Shipment form to request shipping services. The form, including instructions, is available through WSU Pullman Facilities Services at:

2.1.b   WSU Spokane

WSU Spokane departments use the online Shipping Request Form.

Note: All laboratory research shipments must be inspected and approved for shipment by the research laboratory manager. Such shipments are to be taken to the research laboratory manager’s office for inspection and shipping.

2.1.c   WSU Tri-Cities

WSU Tri-Cities departments use the Tri-Cities Request for Shipment form available from Shipping and Receiving Services; telephone 509-372-7273.

2.1.d   WSU Vancouver

WSU Vancouver departments may obtain FedEx or UPS shipping forms from the Mailroom. Request instructions are available from the Mailroom upon request; telephone 360-546-9708; e-mail the WSU Vancouver Mailroom.

3.0   Request Pickup

Contact the campus shipping services office to request merchandise pickup.

  • WSU Pullman senders contact CRD; telephone 509-335-5575.
  • WSU Spokane senders contact Mail Services; telephone 509-368-6995.
  • WSU Tri-Cities senders contact Shipping and Receiving Services; telephone 509-372-7273.
  • WSU Vancouver senders contact the Mailroom; telephone 360-546-9708.

4.0   Shipment–WSU Pullman

CRD or the department providing the merchandise directly to the carrier enters Date Sent, Carrier, and Carrier Tracking Numbers onto the form and ships the merchandise. CRD charges the shipping costs, insurance, and/or packing charges as an internal service delivery charge in Workday to the account indicated on the request form.

5.0   Tracking Packages

Obtain the carrier and tracking info from the completed shipment request form. Go to carrier website, find their tracking page, enter tracking number.

For tracking information after delivery to WSU, use carrier tracking number at WSU Package Tracking.

6.0   Packing Merchandise

Perform the following steps when packing merchandise for shipment. Note: For shipping of hazardous materials, other requirements may apply. Refer to refer to SPPM 5.40 and the Office of Research Assurances Hazardous Materials Shipping.

6.1    Container

Use a corrugated carton. Choose a carton having rigid construction with all the flaps intact. Remove old addresses and shipper numbers.

6.2    Cushioning

Pack with plenty of cushioning. Use at least two inches of cushioning material under, around, over and between the shipped items. The contents should not move inside the container during transit.

6.3    Sealing/Taping

Do not wrap the box with paper. Seal the carton with sturdy fiberglass tape. Do not use cellophane tape, masking tape, or string.

6.4    Labeling

Use the label provided in the request for shipment form. Adhere label to package.

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