Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 80: Services

Parking Permits Available to WSU Pullman Departments

BPPM 80.90

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   Transportation Services


WSU Transportation Services provides parking options for faculty and staff who are sanctioned by departments to use personal vehicles to conduct official University business at the WSU Pullman campus. Departments may select parking solutions from the parking permit options described in this section.

Employees commonly purchase personal permits to park on campus. However, departmental personnel may occasionally need to use personal vehicles for University business, e.g., meetings, training, servicing equipment, running department errands.

Personal Use

State employees may not use a departmental parking permit for personal benefit or gain or for the benefit or gain of other individuals or outside organizations. Personal benefit or gain may include use of a departmental permit solely for personal convenience, or a use to avoid personal expense. (WAC 292-110-010)

Costs related to an employee’s use of a personal vehicle to travel between home and work, including annual parking permit fees, are considered to be a personal obligation of the employee.

Departmental Permits

Personnel may use and display departmental permits with or without displaying personal WSU parking permits. Transportation Services offers several types of departmental permits.

To purchase parking permits, the department submits an approved Interdepartmental Requisition and Invoice (IRI) to Transportation Services. See BPPM 70.05 regarding IRI procedures.

Valid Parking Areas

Departmental permits are valid in the following areas at the WSU Pullman campus:

  • Any parking meter space (Stated maximum meter use times do not apply to departmental permits.)
  • Any Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Crimson, or Gray parking zone space (except those labeled “Reserved”)
  • Smith Center Garage
  • Library Garage
  • Daggy Garage
  • Fine Arts Garage (when the entrance gates are up)
  • Service and mall service areas
  • Recreation parking lots

Types of Permits

Departments may choose from the following permit options:

Departmental In-Car Parking Meter

The in-car parking meter is a prepaid digital permit device, which looks like a digital clock and is about the size of a cellular telephone. Departments must pay a deposit (refundable upon return) for each device and may purchase permit time as needed at the established hourly rate.

The user activates the in-car parking meter according to the directions provided with the meter. The permit is valid in all of the areas listed under Valid Parking Areas above for the length of the prepaid permit time.

Department personnel must go to the Transportation Services office to pick up or refill each in-car parking meter.

Departmental Scratch Permits

A department may purchase one or more single-use scratch permits in advance which may be used one time for a one-hour or two-hour time period at the established rate.

Scratch permits are valid in all of the areas listed under Valid Parking Areas above.

Departments may purchase scratch permits at the Transportation Services office.

Other Options

Service and Mall Service Permits

Upon request, Transportation Services issues service and mall service permits to departments or individuals who need 15-minute access to these areas. Service and mall service permits are available free of charge. However, each user must display the service permit along with a valid WSU parking permit. (WAC 504-15-580)

There are two types of service and mall service permits: indicator decals and hanging permits.

Service and Mall Service Indicator Decals

An indicator decal is a small permit which is affixed directly to the user’s personal annual parking permit.

Indicator decals are issued as either service permit indicators or mall service indicators. Indicator decal permits provide access to service areas for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Service and Mall Service Hanging Permits

A hanging permit is issued to a department and may be shared by multiple departmental employees. Usually one person in the department is responsible for securing the hanging permit. Employees check out the permit as needed.

Hanging permits provide access to service and mall service areas for either a maximum of 15 minutes or a maximum of 30 minutes.

Revisions:  Aug. 2008 – new policy (Rev. 327).