Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 95: Travel

Privately-Owned Motor Vehicles

BPPM 95.11

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Normally, the use of a privately-owned motor vehicle is based upon University-related requirements rather than the personal preference or convenience of the traveler. (Washington State Department of Enterprise Services, Enterprise-Wide Transportation Policy (DES Policy BR.01.01.)

A WSU traveler may use a privately-owned motor vehicle for official University travel when:

  • A Motor Pool vehicle is not available, or
  • It is more advantageous or economical to the University to use a privately-owned vehicle than a Motor Pool vehicle as determined by the approving administrator.

Note: When transportation on a scheduled airline is available, tourist-class air fare is the maximum amount which is reimbursed regardless of the mode of transportation actually used (see also BPPM 95.07).

Requirements for Drivers

See SPPM 7.10.

Accident Reporting

See SPPM 7.20.


All claims for personal vehicle mileage are for travel that is both critical and necessary for University business. (SAAM 10.50.25.b)

Complete an Expense Report in Workday to obtain reimbursement for mileage expense. (See BPPM 95.20 and the Workday Create Expense Report reference guide.) See BPPM 95.19 for the current private motor vehicle mileage rate.

Figuring Mileage

Departments may use maps, highway guides, or actual odometer readings to determine mileage.

Maps and Guides

Use standard highway mileage guides for mileage. If maps or guides are used to determine point-to-point mileage, vicinity miles as determined by odometer readings must be shown on the Expense Report in Workday as a separate figure for each day’s travel.

Odometer Readings

Departments may elect to reimburse either in-state or out-of-state mileage, or both, on the basis of actual odometer readings. Enter the total daily mileage on the Expense Report in Workday, as directed. (See BPPM 95.20 and the Workday Create Expense Report reference guide for instructions.) Indicate that the mileage is based upon odometer readings.

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