Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 95: Travel

Travel for Personal Convenience

BPPM 95.17

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A University employee may interrupt official WSU travel to engage in personal travel or to conduct personal business if all of the following conditions exist:

  • The primary purpose of the trip is official University business.
  • The traveler uses, where necessary, their approved leave for the vacation or personal part of the trip.
  • The University does not incur any extra expenses beyond what it would normally incur had the trip occurred without personal travel.

Prior Approval

The traveler is responsible for obtaining the supervisory administrator’s approval prior to using a portion of an official University trip for personal purposes.

Leave While on Travel Status

Resident Instructional Staff (RIS)

The supervisory administrator may require RIS faculty to use appropriate leave (annual leave, leave without pay, personal holiday) to account for personal travel time which conflicts with instructional duties.

Staff and Non-RIS Faculty

The traveler accounts for the personal portion of the trip by requesting their time off, (e.g., annual leave, leave without pay, compensatory time, holiday), in Workday on the Absence Calendar. (See the Workday Employee Request and Correct Time Off reference guide, and BPPM 60.56 and 60.57.)

Expense Report (Travel Reimbursement)

The traveler may not claim per diem or seek transportation reimbursement for the personal portion of the trip.

The Expense Report in Workday must indicate the exact time official travel status begins and ends. See the Workday Create Expense Report reference guide for instructions and examples.

Revisions:  Jan. 2021 (Rev. 560); June 2007 (Rev. 299); June 1977 – new policy (Rev. 19).