Business Policies and Procedures Manual

Fuel Credit Cards

(Appendix 2: Comdata Transaction Detail Report Instructions)

BPPM 95.37

For more information contact:
   Accounts Payable

Running the Transaction Detail Report

To make copies of the Comdata transaction Detail Report follow the procedures below:

Step 1

Go to: Comdata/iConnectData

Enter the Comdata user ID and password. Accounts Payable, Card Services sends this information to the card custodian upon request.

Step 2

From the Menu bar:  (Fig. 1).

  • Select Manage, then
  • Select Transactions.
Transactions from the homepage menu bar” width=”536″ height=”222″> Figure 1

Step 3

From the links on the left side of the screen, select Real Time Transaction History (Fig. 2).

Select Real Time Transaction History from left nav bar
Figure 2

Step 4

In the Transaction History Search screen (Fig. 3):

  • Select to search by Card Number.
  • Enter the fuel card number in the Search Value field.
  • Select the Start Date and End Date for the transactions to be included in the report
  • Select Submit.
Transaction History Search screen
Figure 3

Step 5

In the Transaction History Report Listing screen (Fig. 3), select Transaction Status to view the transaction detail. See Figure 4 for an example of a Transaction Detail Report.

The Prompted ID is the PIN number assigned to the card.

The Original Currency Amount and the Transaction Date match the transaction data on the Comdata (Mansfield Energy) Monthly Reconciliation Report. (See BPPM 95.37 Appendix 1.)

Transaction Detail Report example
Figure 4

Revisions:  See BPPM 95.37 revision history.