Safety Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 9: Radiation Safety

Introduction to Radiation Safety

SPPM 9.05

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The state of Washington grants a broad scope license to Washington State University (WSU) that allows the use of sources of ionizing radiation for research, service, development, and educational instruction. In conjunction with the broad scope license, the University maintains a radioactive air emissions license as part of its air operating permit for the Pullman campus.

Radiation Protection Program

The broad scope license requires the University to establish and maintain a Radiation Protection Program to oversee the use of sources of ionizing radiation at all University locations listed on the license.

The University executive administration delegates responsibility for overseeing the University’s Radiation Protection Program to the Radiation Safety Committee and the University Radiation Safety Officer.

The components of this program are outlined in the Safety Policies and Procedures Manual (SPPM) and the Radiation Protection Program Manual (RPPM).

Safety Policies and Procedures Manual (SPPM)

SPPM Chapter 9, Radiation Safety provides the University’s policies regarding the acquisition, security, transport, use, storage, and disposal of sources of radiation at University nonreactor facilities and by anyone acting under the authority of the University. In addition to the policy statements, the associated procedures outlined in the SPPM describe the means by which these radiation safety policies are maintained.

Radiation Protection Program Manual (RPPM)

The RPPM contains the operational information relative to the Radiation Protection Program. The Radiation Safety Committee reviews and approves the information provided in the RPPM.

The RPPM provides informational guidance for:

  • Authorized users
  • Radiation workers
  • Nonradiation workers and managers of ancillary support units who provide services to all areas of the University.

Responsibility for Radiation Safety

Radiation safety at WSU is the responsibility of all persons who are directly or indirectly involved in the use of sources of radiation.

The use of radioactive materials and radiation-generating machines in a large research university must take into consideration the additional hazard of a large number of people who may be unaware of the presence of radiation and the safety and security requirements associated with the use of sources of radiation. Strict adherence to the policies and procedures established by the University is therefore of paramount importance for the protection of the University and the safety of members of the University community. It is the responsibility of all persons involved in work with radiation to familiarize themselves with the University’s Radiation Protection Program.

Revisions:  Sept. 2014 – entire Chapter 9 revised (Rev. 102). Contact PRF about previous revision history for this chapter.