BPPM Revision #521

October 8, 2018

This BPPM revision includes the following changes:

Special Course Fees 30.95

This revision:

  • Adds a new set of required fields to the Special Course Fee Request form.
  • Updates the Budget area of the form.
  • Updates the procedures in the section for completing the form.

Certificate of Insurance 50.11

This revision updates the procedures regarding the receipt and distribution of Certificates of Insurance. The Request for Certificate of Insurance form is updated as part of this revision.

Suspended Operations 50.40

This revision adds emergency notification information for WSU Everett.

WSU Everett Inclement Weather Procedures 50.46

This new section provides procedures regarding the evaluation of and response to inclement weather situations that affect WSU Everett.

Relocation Compensation 55.62

This revision:

  • Updates the requirements regarding taxation of relocation expense compensation, effective January 1, 2018.
  • Adds policy requirements regarding the relocation process.
  • Clarifies the policy on requesting relocation compensation.
  • Adds additional documentation requirements for faculty relocation compensation.
  • Updates the procedures regarding total compensation and deductions.
  • Updates the requirements and procedures for repayment of relocation compensation.
  • Updates the Relocation Compensation Request form for clarity.

Laboratory Relocation Expenses 70.60

This revision:

  • Updates the relocation compensation policy and procedures regarding expenses for moves of laboratories.
  • Consolidates procedures and requirements previously included in BPPM 70.61 and 70.62.
  • Changes the title of the section from “Relocation Expense Overview.”

Employee Household Moves 70.61

This section is removed.

Taxable Relocation Expenses 70.62

This section is removed.