Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 70: Purchasing

Relocation Expense Overview

BPPM 70.60

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   Purchasing Services


This section provides the requirements and procedures for providing state contract moving services to eligible employees for relocating laboratories.

See BPPM 55.62 regarding the requirements and procedures for providing compensation to eligible employees to cover the cost of relocating household goods.

Purchasing Services manages moves of laboratory and/or other professional equipment used directly in an employee’s new position at the University.


Expenses for relocation of laboratory and/or other professional equipment used directly in an employee’s new position may be paid by the University without any taxable implications for the employee.

All expenses for relocation of household goods are taxable to the employee, in accordance with federal law. (See BPPM 55.62.)


The University may pay laboratory moving expenses for laboratory or other related professional equipment that become the property of the University. The appropriate dean, vice president, or designated official may authorize a laboratory move directly paid for by the University as included in the incoming employee’s offer letter or other documentation evidencing such approval.


Deans or other principal administrative officers may authorize payment to move professional equipment, e.g., laboratory equipment, professional books, which are not part of the employee’s household goods. (See Eligibility.)

The administrative unit that employs the individual pays for any authorized costs.


For employees funded by sponsored projects, direct questions regarding allowability to Sponsored Programs Services, French Administration 240; e-mail; telephone 509-335-2058. Many agreements with federal agencies allow for relocation expenses.

Processing Requests for Laboratory Moves

The procedures for laboratory moves involve actions by the employing department to request the services and actions by Purchasing Services and Accounts Payable to process payment for the moves.

Employing Department

All Employees

The department prepares a requisition in Workday including the name, address, telephone number, and title of the new employee. (See BPPM 70.10 and the Workday Create Requisition reference guide. The Requisition specifies which laboratory moving services are authorized.


Documentation for faculty laboratory relocation expenses includes the following:

The offering letter to a faculty candidate from the Provost’s Office mentions the relocation costs if the costs are a part of the offer. See BPPM 60.11.

The personnel action appointing the candidate includes a statement in the remarks section which authorizes laboratory relocation expenses.

Professional Equipment

A requisition in Workday is required to move professional equipment such as laboratory or special equipment or professional books which are not a part of the employee’s personal household goods. If the equipment ownership transfers to WSU, contact Property Inventory, Controller’s Office, to add the equipment to WSU’s inventory. See also BPPM 20.50.

Professional equipment relocations are arranged and coordinated through Purchasing Services.

Payment Procedures for State Contract Professional Equipment Moves

The supplier routes an invoice for moving costs to Purchasing Services. Purchasing Services routes a copy of the WSU Purchase Order and the supplier’s invoice to Accounts Payable.

Accounts Payable reviews the WSU Purchase Order and pays the invoice.

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