BPPM Revision #572

July 19, 2021

This BPPM revision includes the following changes:

Cellular Device Allowance Payments 55.70

This revision:

  • Updates policy and procedures for establishing monthly cellular device allowances.
  • Changes the title of the section from “Cellular Telephone Allowance Payments.”

Cellular Device Policy 85.45

This revision:

  • Updates the policy, conditions, requirements, and responsibilities for the use, sourcing, and purchase of cellular device technologies required for business purposes by WSU.
  • Provides options for University-issued devices or a monthly allowance to offset the cost of business use of personal cellular devices.
  • Replaces ITS with Finance and Administration as the office responsible for this section.
  • Removes the Temporary Cellular Telephone Transition Guidelines helpfile.
  • Changes the title of the section from “Cellular Telephones.”
  • Updates the accompanying form with the following changes:
    • Changes the title to “Cellular Device Authorization and Agreement;” and
    • Adds fields to document justification for policy exemption requests and related consultations with HRS.