Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms Business Policies and Procedures Manual

Revised 6-15

For more information contact:
   Central Receiving and Delivery


Courier Services


The University operates a courier service to move official WSU documents and small items between specified WSU localities. Central Receiving and Delivery coordinates the courier service which includes contracted air travel. NOTE: Use of the courier service to transport hazardous materials and nonhazardous laboratory samples is prohibited.

Served Localities

The courier service moves materials between the following campuses:

  • WSU Pullman
  • WSU Spokane
  • WSU Tri-Cities
  • WSU Vancouver
  • WSU College of Nursing (Spokane)
  • WSU North Puget Sound (Everett)
Days of Operation

The courier service operates each week Monday through Friday (except holidays) between WSU Pullman and the urban campuses.


Contact Central Receiving and Delivery in Pullman regarding courier procedures; telephone 509-335-5575.

Additional Services

As a part of general courier delivery, the courier service provides intercampus delivery of Academic Media Services materials. For specific procedures, contact Academic Media Services at each WSU campus.

Personal Material

Individuals may not use any WSU courier services to send personal material. Personal use of WSU courier services is a violation of WSU policy (see BPPM 20.37).

Material Preparation

Affix a preprinted color-coded label to each item sent by courier. Obtain the labels from Central Receiving and Delivery; telephone 509-335-5575. Labels are color-coded by destination site:

  • WSU North Puget Sound (white with red letters)
  • WSU Pullman (white with green letters)
  • WSU Spokane (white with lilac letters)
  • WSU Spokane – College of Nursing (white with black letters)
  • WSU Tri-Cities (white with yellow letters highlighted in black)
  • WSU Vancouver (white with blue letters)
To Non-Pullman Locations

Indicate the addressee’s name and destination department on the appropriate site label.

To WSU Pullman

Address courier mail to WSU Pullman in either the preferred or alternate format. NOTE: Courier mail to WSU Pullman which is not addressed as indicated below is subject to return to the originating campus.


Address courier mail to WSU Pullman with the addressee’s name, building, and room number. Courier Services delivers mail addressed in this manner to Pullman employees and departments.


Name and department four-digit mail code (the four-digit “+4” part of the full zip code for the Pullman location). Courier Services transfers mail addressed in this manner to Mailing Services for delivery to Pullman employees and departments. NOTE: Transfer of materials to Mailing Services causes a 24-hour delivery delay.

Postage or Bar Code Stickers

Do not attach postage or bar code stickers to courier items.


Each tote bag or container transported by the courier service is insured for $100. If additional coverage is required, ship with Federal Express (FedEx) overnight air delivery (see BPPM 80.15).


Any envelope, including an interdepartmental mail envelope, is acceptable if the appropriate label is attached and addressed.

Size Limits

Courier materials should fit into an interdepartmental mail envelope. Central Receiving and Delivery discourages the shipment of boxes by courier mail.

Pickup and Delivery

Pickup Location
WSU Everett

Deliver courier materials in interdepartmental envelopes to Student Services in GWH 101 to be packaged and forwarded on to Everett Community College (EVCC) mailing services.

WSU Pullman

Contact Central Receiving and Delivery for courier pickup by noon; telephone 509-335-5575.

WSU Spokane

Deliver courier materials to Mail Services in the South Campus Facility (formerly the F.O. Berg Building) Room 410A by 3:45 p.m. or to Student Affairs late mail (blue tote), located in Academic Center Room 130, no later than 3:00 p.m.

WSU Tri-Cities

Deliver courier materials to the Copy and Mail Distribution Center by 3:30 p.m.

WSU Vancouver

Deliver courier materials to the Mailroom by 3:15 p.m.

Delivery Time
Overnight Delivery

The courier service delivers materials overnight from WSU Pullman to urban campuses and from urban campuses to WSU Pullman.

Two-Day Delivery

The courier service delivers materials in two days from one urban campus to another.

On-Campus Delivery
WSU Pullman

Central Receiving and Delivery delivers incoming materials to addressee departments between noon and 3:45 p.m. on the day of arrival.

Urban Campuses

Each campus provides on-site distribution of courier materials. For more information contact Central Receiving and Delivery in Pullman or appropriate staff at the site courier location.

Expedited Delivery

When requested, the courier service units at the urban campuses deliver expedited material by noon on the day of arrival. Arrange expedited delivery through appropriate staff at the site courier location.