Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 20: Property

Use of University Property

BPPM 20.35

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Official Use

WSU facilities and equipment are for official use only, subject to the limited exceptions. WSU property includes all University supplies, equipment, facilities, and real property.

Authorized Loan/Rental

University property may be used when authorized by and in accordance with established University procedures. See BPPM 20.40 and the Washington State University Facility Use Rules. (WAC 504-33 and 504-35).

Patents and Copyrights

Employees may use University property in conformance with patent and copyright policies.

Unofficial Use

State of Washington law prohibits the use of University property for personal gain, except as provided in RCW 42.52.160 and related University policies.

University employees may not use University property for purposes unrelated to official University activities.

WSU employees may not authorize the free use of University property under their control to anyone for purposes unrelated to official WSU activities.


If injuries occur during unauthorized and unofficial use of University property by an employee, the employee may be ineligible for workers’ compensation benefits. In addition, the employee may be held individually liable in the event of injury to a third person or damage to property.

Student Use

Student use of University property must conform with applicable provisions of Washington Administrative Code (WAC) Title 504.

Political Activity

University officials and employees may not authorize the use of or use University resources (e.g., facilities, equipment, supplies, employee time, office space, vehicles) to assist campaigns for election of persons to any offices or for the promotion or opposition of ballot initiatives. (RCW 42.17A.555)


Rental of Space/Services

WSU facilities, equipment, or services may be rented and used for political activity if the facility, equipment, or service is customarily rented to non-University customers. The political customer pays the usual rate and the usual restrictions apply. (WAC 504-35) See BPPM 20.40 to rent WSU property.

Limited Public Forum Areas

Areas of the University designated as limited public forum areas may be used as provided for in WAC 504-33.

See WAC 504-33-015 for designation of WSU limited public forum areas.

WSU Sponsored Political Forums

University facilities may be used for a political forum without charge if all of the following apply:

  • All candidates for a particular office or all interests in a particular ballot initiative are given an equal opportunity to state their position.
  • The forum has a WSU sponsor.

A WSU sponsor may be a University organizational unit or an official campus organization.

Student Organizations

A registered student organization may invite a candidate or another political speaker to one of the meetings of its membership on University property, if it has complied with the scheduling procedures of WAC 504-35-024.


The regulations adopted regarding advertising are applied to political advertising, signs, posters, and handbills. (WAC 504-34-140)


Employees are not to use WSU outgoing or interdepartmental mail services for personal or political mail. See BPPM 80.20, 80.21, and 80.24.

Revisions:  March 2012 (Rev. 395); July 1990 (Rev. 81); Mar. 1989 – new policy (Rev. 75).