Business Policies and Procedures Manual

Temporary Signage–WSU Pullman

BPPM 20.43

For more information contact:
   Facilities Services


University departments at the Pullman central campus are to observe approved temporary signage standards and follow these requirements when requesting and installing temporary movable interior and exterior signage.

See BPPM 20.42 for policies and procedures regarding permanent exterior signage.

See BPPM 20.39 for policies and procedures regarding postings.


This policy applies to all employees, departments, student organizations, and locations at the contiguous central campus at WSU Pullman.

Allowable Sign Frames

The movable sign frames available from Facilities Services are the only frames allowed for use on campus. No substitute movable sign frames or signs are allowed.

Sign Placement Plan

Generally, movable temporary signs may be placed in campus locations to support University departments and programs, with the exception of Stadium Way (see below).

Before a sign is actually placed, the department is to request review of the sign placement plan by the University Architect or designee in Facilities Services; telephone 509-335-5571. The sign placement plan must address the following:

  • Desired display locations
  • Dates and times for display and removal of signs
  • Responsible individual or organization requesting sign display
  • Name of expenditure authority
  • Contact information
  • Fire Marshall approval for any proposed interior temporary signs (may be an attachment)

Movable temporary signs are not allowed along Stadium Way. Exception: Approved temporary banners that support student programs are allowed on the overhead overpasses that cross Stadium Way. (WAC 504-34-140)

Obtaining Signage

Employees and departments are to observe the following procedures when placing and managing temporary signage.


Sign panels must meet signage standards of WSU Marketing and Creative Services.

Sign Request

Clients requesting a sign panel access myFacilities work requests (see BPPM 80.45).

The requester indicates a need for a temporary sign. A Facilities Services staff member contacts and meets the requester onsite. The Facilities Services staff member approves the location, explains the process, and provides an estimate.


Facilities Services, using an approved template, enters the sign information provided by the requester. Facilities Services sends the image file by electronic mail to a vendor who prints the sign.

Approved Sign Frames

The requester picks up the panel from the vendor. The panel is to be displayed in an approved freestanding frame.

Sign frames are available for rent from Facilities Services; telephone 509-335-9085.

Sign frames may be purchased from specified outside vendors. Contact the University Architect or designee at Facilities Services for information; telephone 509-335-5571.


If the requester desires to have Facilities Services deliver, install, setup, and remove a sign, these services are provided on a billable basis. For a cost estimate, telephone 509-335-9085.

Interior Sign Approval

The Fire Marshal approves placement of temporary interior signs in order to assure that placement does not obstruct emergency egress. Contact the Fire Marshal at Safety Building, Room 60; telephone 509-335-4929.

Sign Management

The requesting department or organization is responsible for correct placement, timely removal, and return of any rented sign frames in accordance with the approved sign placement plan.

Noncompliant Signs

Temporary movable signs not displayed in accordance with this policy and procedure and the plan approved by the University Architect may be removed and recycled by Facilities Services staff. Any costs associated with such removal are billed to the department/organization that placed the sign.

Revisions:  Sept. 2013 – new policy (Rev. 418)