Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 60: Personnel

Temporary Employment Processing

BPPM 60.27

For more information contact:
   Human Resource Services

Form:  Temporary Employee Orientation Checklist


Complete the online applications and forms described in this section to employ temporary workers. See BPPM 60.26 for regulations regarding temporary employment appointments.

This section provides procedures for the following:

  • Creating a temporary employment position;
  • Posting a job announcement;
  • Completing an application for temporary employment;
  • Checking for work study authorization, if applicable;
  • Creating and maintaining a temporary employment appointment;
  • Orienting a new temporary employee; and
  • Monitoring hours worked or pieces completed.

Temporary Employment Position

Departments are to use Workday to create and update temporary employment positions. See the Workday Staffing Create Position reference guide.

Job Posting

Job announcements may be posted for viewing in Handshake, an online employment resource website for students and alumni. To post job announcements, go to the Academic Success and Career Center (ASCC) website.

Contact the ASCC for assistance; telephone 509-335-6000.

Prospective applicants, both students and nonstudents, may check the website for the most up-to-date job opportunities.

Temporary Employment Application

Applicants for temporary employment must create a profile in Handshake.

Applicants for employment with some departments may be required to complete additional applications. Contact ASCC for more information.

Additional information solicited from the applicants must conform to the Preemployment Inquiry Guidelines found in BPPM 60.08.

Work Study Authorization

Hiring departments must check the work study authorization for prospective student employees by contacting the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Form I-9

Employing departments document verification of eligibility on USCIS Employment Eligibility Verifications (Form I-9).

All new employees including U.S. citizens must present an original document or documents that establish identity and employment authorization within three business days of the date employment begins (also referred to as the hire date). Refer to BPPM 60.04 and the Workday Staffing Complete Form I-9 Section 3 reference guide for instructions on completing Form I-9.


WSU requires that a current federal W-4 form be on file in the Payroll Services Office for each University employee. This applies whether or not the employee is subject to federal withholding tax.

Complete the Federal Withholding Elections in Workday. See the Workday Staffing New Hire Onboarding reference guide.


Refer to the Payroll Documents Schedule (see BPPM 55.04).

Initial Employee Record

To create an initial employee record, the department creates a person record in Campus Community. See the Workday Hire New Employee or Contingent Worker reference guide.

Campus Community

Campus Community is the core information module within the student and personnel information system (myWSU) where all person and external organization records are created, stored, and accessed. Campus Community is accessed through the myWSU portal.

Information Technology Services manages access to Campus Community. Contact ITS CougTech for questions regarding Campus Community; telephone 509-335-4357.

For detailed instructions for all fields in Campus Community, refer to the myWSU Training area within the portal.

Missing Data or Errors

If data is missing or an error is made in any of these fields, the department or Payroll Services must first enter the data or correct the error in Campus Community before the employee record and/or appointment may be created in Workday. Contact Payroll Services for more information; telephone 509-335-9575.

Department Correction

Departments may replace the default data in the social security number (SSN), gender, and date of birth (DOB) fields in Campus Community with the correct data. Payroll Services must make all other corrections to critical biographical employee data (See Payroll Services Correction).

  • The default data for the SSN field is 999-99-9999.
  • The default data for gender is unknown.
  • The default for the DOB field is blank (no data).
Payroll Services Correction

Payroll Services must make all other updates to SSNs, gender, and DOBs. The department must provide a change request with the following information to Payroll Services to verify and update non-default data in SSN, gender, and DOB fields. The department submits a change request to Payroll Services that includes:

  • The individual’s name,
  • The individual’s WSU ID number, and
  • Documentation to verify the field data to be corrected.

Acceptable documentation includes the following:

  • SSN: A copy of the social security card or a letter from the Social Security Administration which includes the typed SSN.
  • DOB: A copy of a military ID card, driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, or state ID card.
  • Gender: A copy of a military ID card, driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, state ID card, or court order.

The department may fax the change request to Payroll Services; fax number 509-335-1472; or deliver the request in person to the Payroll Services office in French Administration 236.


Use the Temporary Employee Orientation Checklist as an aid to orient the employee.

Orientation Checklist

Discuss the reason for the temporary employment, the hours of work and the hourly rate of pay, the duration of the appointment as adjusted by any current or former temporary employment, the name of the employee’s supervisor, employee benefits, the expected Washington Department of Personnel status at the conclusion of the temporary employment, and the employee’s appeal rights (see BPPM 60.26). (WAC 357-19-444)

Safety Procedures

Orient the employee to the unit’s safety procedures. Use the Safety Orientation Checklist in SPPM 2.16.

Providing Written Orientation Information

All of the employment orientation information must also be given to the employee in writing.

Students and Nonstudents

Use printed copies of all the documents indicated on the orientation checklist to provide this information to student and nonstudent employees.


Any change to the conditions of employment must also be written and provided to the temporary employee.

Reporting Hours or Period Activity Pay

The employee reports hours worked or period activity pay on their Time Entry Calendar in Workday. See the Workday Time and Absence Enter and Correct Time reference guide.

Payment Elections

Encourage temporary employees to direct deposit their paychecks. The employee manages their preferred payment methods in Workday. (See BPPM 55.50 and the Workday Staffing New Hire Onboarding reference guide.)


Employing units must monitor the number of pieces and hours worked in order to comply with temporary employment regulations. The employee may not exceed employment limitations. The employer must terminate the employee’s work when hour limits have been met (see BPPM 60.26).

To avoid exceeding the maximum hours of employment, use the Workday CR PAY Payroll Accounting Journal Details – In Progress Payroll report to monitor hours worked. See the Using Workday Reports reference guide.

Earnings Statements

The total hours the nonstudent temporary employee worked since the employee’s begin date (excluding overtime) are reported to the employee on the employee’s earnings statement or pay stub.

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