Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 60: Personnel

WSU Holidays

BPPM 60.76

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A holiday is a day when all University offices and departments on a WSU campus are closed except for certain essential service units.

The University provides eleven holidays each fiscal year for classified staff, annual faculty, and annual administrative and professional employees.

Statutory Holidays

State law designates the following as legal holidays. (RCW 1.16.050)

New Year’s Day January 1
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday Third Monday in January
President’s Day Third Monday in February
Memorial Day Last Monday in May
Juneteenth June 19
Independence Day July 4
Labor Day First Monday in September
Veterans’ Day November 11
Thanksgiving Fourth Thursday in November
Native American Heritage Day Fourth Friday in November
Christmas December 25

Alternate Days

Sometimes a holiday is not observed on the statutory date.

  • Any holiday that falls on a Sunday is observed the following Monday.
  • Any holiday that falls on a Saturday is observed the preceding Friday.
  • WSU may designate an alternate date for a given holiday. Such days are called “in-lieu” days.

WSU Schedule

See Human Resource Services (HRS) Leave Policies and Programs for the current WSU holiday schedule for specified University locations.

WSU Locations

The WSU holiday schedule is effective for all system-wide WSU locations.

Academic Breaks

A break in the academic calendar, when classes are not taught is not considered a holiday unless the break coincides with a University holiday designated by HRS.

WSU expects employees with ongoing responsibilities to perform those duties during academic breaks. This includes Resident Instructional Staff.

December Holiday Reduced Operations

December Holiday Reduced Operations occur between Christmas and New Year’s Day. During this time the University is open for essential operations in accordance with RCW 42.04.060. However, many University operations and services are unavailable or reduced with limited services. Department heads and directors should consult with their dean or division head to determine the necessary operational level for their unit, including staffing.

Employees remain responsible for complying with annual leave and other leave procedures outlined in BPPM 60.56 and 60.57.

View the December Holiday Reduced Operations schedule on the HRS website.

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