Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 70: Purchasing

Fiscal Year-End Expenditure Deadlines

BPPM 70.04

For more information contact:
   Budget Office


WSU departments are to ensure that all transactions which are meant to be borne by the current fiscal year’s budget are completed by the fiscal year-end deadlines.

See BPPM 40.03 for expenditure deadlines for grants (FN017).

Spending Limits

The state of Washington legislature sets appropriations by fiscal year. Appropriations not spent by the end of the fiscal year revert to the state.

Carry Forward

WSU uses local fund flexibility to permit departments to carry forward balances from one fiscal year to the next. The University does not intend for areas to accumulate large year-end balances. Large departmental balances, either positive or negative, cause institutional fund balance problems.

Do Not Carry Forward

Some departments receive General Fund allocations having specific legislative or University provisions for their use during a particular fiscal year. Departments must completely spend any such appropriations by the end of the fiscal year or the remainder of the funding reverts to the state or to the University.

Negative Carry Forward Not Permitted

Each administrator is responsible for all budgets within their department or area. Overdrafts are considered a serious personnel issue (see BPPM 30.21).


Purchase Requisitions

To help assure delivery by the end of the fiscal period (June 30), submit requisitions to Purchasing for off-campus purchases prior to the following dates:

  • Supplies and services, and noncapitalized equipment (spend categories associated with ledger code 6000) — April 1
  • Capitalized equipment (spend categories associated with ledger code 6020) — March 1

Note: Departments may order goods and services prior to June 30 which are to be charged against the subsequent fiscal period’s budget provided the items/services bear a delivery date of July 1 or later and are accounted for as encumbrances of the new fiscal period.

Departments must comply with the bid process for purchases over the direct buy limit, in accordance with state law (see BPPM 70.13).

Controller’s Fiscal Year-End Memorandum

By the end of May of each year, the Controller’s Office publishes a memorandum which sets the fiscal year-end cutoff deadlines for submitting documentation concerning:

  • Receipt of goods and services
  • Internal service provider processes
  • Internal service delivery manual journals
  • Payroll expenditures
  • Travel expenses
  • Accounting adjustments
  • Property inventory
  • Revenue

See the Controller’s fiscal year-end memorandum for further instructions or contact the Controller’s Office.

Revisions:  January 2021 (Rev. 560); July 2017 (Rev. 495); Sept. 2006 (Rev. 288); May 2000 (Rev. 162); Mar. 1983 – new policy (Rev. 51).