Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 85: Computing and Telecommunications

Telephone-Network Installation and Repair

BPPM 85.39

For more information contact:
   Information Technology Services, Crimson Service Desk

Service Changes

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides telecommunications services to the WSU Pullman campus.

All other WSU locations should contact the local campus ITS support for telecommunication services, as noted below under Repairs–Non-Pullman Locations.

WSU Pullman

Departments located at the Pullman campus are to send all requests to move, change, disconnect, or add new telecommunications services to Information Technology Services (ITS) using the ITS Customer Center.

Each online service request provides explanations for most of the fields to be completed. For assistance with completing the online service request, contact the Crimson Service Desk; telephone 509-335-4357, or e-mail Crimson Service Desk.

Upon receiving a service request, ITS sends an automated e-mail response to the requester. ITS may contact the requester if additional information is needed to complete the request. 

Pullman departments may view a listing of currently-assigned telecommunications services at the ITS Customer Center.

Non-Pullman Campuses

Departments located at non-Pullman campuses are to send requests to move, change, disconnect or add new telecommunication services to the appropriate campus HelpDesk:

Account Worktags

In the online user profile, the requester enters the appropriate worktags for the account most often used to support communications and network service charges.

In the online service request, the requester may enter a different set of worktags to support one-time and/or monthly charges for the service selected.

Note: The user and/or requester must have the appropriate Workday security roles (e.g., cost center manager, program manager) for each of the worktags listed.

Telecommunication Products and Features

Information regarding available telecommunications products and features is located at ITS Telephone Product Information.


WSU Pullman

Departments at the Pullman campus are to contact the Crimson Service Desk for all network and telephone outages, incidents, or repair requests.

Non-Pullman Locations

Departments located at non-Pullman campuses are to contact the local campus Helpdesk for all incident and repair requests:

Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Pertinent telephone/Ethernet outlet I.D.’s
  • Room numbers
  • Name of a departmental contact who can provide access and describe the problem to repair personnel

Revisions:  January 2021 (Rev. 560); June 2018 (Rev. 516); Oct. 2004 (Rev. 249); Mar. 2003 – moved from BPPM 80.37 (Rev. 225); Nov. 2001 (Rev. 197); May 2000 (Rev. 161); July 1986 – new policy (Rev. 64).