BPPM Revision #516

June 14, 2018

This BPPM revision includes the following changes:

Expenditure Transfers Between Funding Sources 30.25

This revision updates the types of accounts into which departments may transfer overdrafts from terminated sponsored accounts.

Fixed Price Agreements 40.27

This revision updates the manner in which Sponsored Programs Services distributes residual cash balances.

Completing the Effort Certification Report 40.35

This revision removes the requirement for each Effort Certification Report to be signed in Section I.

Temporary Employment Program 60.26

Sick leave is now a benefit received by temporary employees. This revision updates the benefits information accordingly and makes minor editorial changes.

Relations with Vendors and Vendor Representatives 70.11

This revision updates the requirements and procedures regarding interactions with vendors, including gifts and meals, conflict of interest, and initiating orders.

Using Discretionary 17A Accounts 70.33

This revision updates the list of allowable and nonallowable expenses for discretionary 17A funds. The following changes are made:

  • Events and Business Entertainment:   Adds a clarification regarding the types of University-sponsored events for which banquets liquor permits and special occasion licenses are allowed with 17A funds.

  • Contributions:   Removes the restriction against using 17A funds for gifts in support of local community fundraisers or events.

  • Miscellaneous Items:
    • Removes the restriction against using of 17A funds for microwaves primarily for employee use.
    • Expands and clarifies the instructions for documenting and overseeing 17A funds used for cash advances to support research on internal grants.

Telephone/Network Installation and Repair 85.39

This revision updates the procedures for departments at all the campuses to request telephone and network service changes and repairs.

Direct Deposit of Travel and Accounts Payable 95.21

This revision:

  • Adds the requirement and procedures for employees and students with assigned Network IDs to submit direct deposit authorization requests using the online self-service authorization process available at either the myWSU or Travel Services website.
  • Updates the procedures for submitting direct deposit authorization requests in paper form.
  • Adds a requirement for users of the paper form to submit the form for requests to cancel direct deposits, as well as to apply for direct deposit and authorize changes to direct deposit settings.
  • Updates the procedures for obtaining information about the status of direct deposits and making changes to direct deposit authorizations.
  • Updates the Travel / Accounts Payable Reimbursement Direct Deposit Authorization form.

Fly America Act 95.45

This new section provides requirements and procedures for complying with the federal Fly America Act regulations that apply to foreign air travel financed by federal funds. 

This revision also includes a new form, Certification of Exception to Fly America Act.