Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 95: Travel

Funds Transfer of Expense Reimbursements

BPPM 95.21

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   Payment Services

Form: Funds Transfer Authorization


A Washington State University employee, student, or non-WSU payee may authorize Payment Services to transfer reimbursements by electronically-settled payments among financial institutions.

Expense reimbursements are processed through the Expense Report business process in Workday.

Complete the Payment Elections business process in Workday to authorize electronic fund transfers of reimbursements. An employee may authorize an electronic funds transfer in Workday by following the instructions in the Workday Complete Payment Elections reference guide. University departments must process a nonemployee as an external committee member (ECM) in Workday and then establish an electronic funds transfer. (See the Workday Create External Committee Member reference guide for instructions.)

See BPPM 70.31 and 95.20 regarding requesting reimbursement for food or travel expenses.

Authorization Procedures


To authorize Washington State University to electronically transfer funds to an account, employees with WSU Network IDs (NIDs) and passwords must submit payment elections in Workday. See the Workday Complete Payment Elections reference guide for instructions.

See BPPM 85.37 for further information regarding NIDs.

NonEmployee Payee

A nonemployee payee may authorize an electronic funds transfer by submitting a completed Funds Transfer Authorization form to the applicable University department.

To establish the electronic funds transfer in Workday, the department creates an external committee member (ECM) for the nonemployee (see the Workday Create External Committee Member reference guide for instructions).

Changes and Cancellations

Nonemployee payees must submit changes and cancellations to funds transfer accounts through the University department. (See Funds Transfer Changes and Cancellations.)

Funds Transfer

After the electronic funds transfer is in place, reimbursements are credited to the payee’s account.

Timing and Activity

Generally, funds are available within three business days after the reimbursement expense is settled.

Funds Transfer Changes and Cancellation

It is the responsibility of the employee or University department to change or cancel the funds transfer authorization when necessary and update any changes to:

  • Routing numbers
  • Account numbers
  • Contact information

Returned Deposit

If WSU receives a notification of a returned funds transfer from the financial institution, Payment Services attempts to contact the employee or University department to correct the information. Future reimbursements for the payee may be processed as paper checks and mailed to the address provided on the request for reimbursement.

The payee must complete a new or updated funds transfer authorization to receive expense reimbursements by electronic funds transfer again.

Revisions:  June 2022 (Rev. 595); Nov. 2021 (Rev. 580); Jan. 2021 (Rev. 560); June 2018 (Rev. 516); Nov. 2014 (Rev. 440); July 2010 – new policy (Rev. 363).