Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 85: Computing and Telecommunications

Network Services Account Request

BPPM 85.37

For more information contact:
   Information Technology Services, Crimson Service Desk

Form: Network Services Account Request

1.0  Assignment

Complete a Network Services Account Request to request a Network ID. Instructions are provided in this section.

2.0  Network ID

A Network ID (NID) is a unique identifier that provides access to computing and network resources at WSU.

Information Technology Services (ITS) requests that WSU faculty, staff, and students use the following self-service websites to create Network IDs and/or update Network ID passwords:

The Network ID identifies the individual to University network services.

Assignment of a Network ID does not in itself provide access to University computer systems. A user must request specific authorization to access each system required.

3.0  Form Instructions

Complete a Network Services Account Request to obtain, change, or delete one or more accounts per individual.

3.1  Completing the Form

Most sections of the form are self-explanatory.

3.1.a  WSU ID Number

Completion of WSU ID Number is required before the request may be processed.

3.1.a.i  Affiliates

The University assigns WSU ID Numbers to qualified affiliates requesting Network IDs.

3.1.a.ii  New Employees

A new employee is assigned a WSU ID Number when Human Resource Services processes the applicable Workday Staffing business processes. (See the Workday Knowledge Base for applicable instructions.)

3.1.b  Changes

For changes to a Network ID, see Exception to Policy.

3.1.c  Terminations

Network IDs are permanent and are not terminated.

3.1.d  Authorization

Each request for an affiliate Network ID must be signed in ink by a University employee holding expenditure authority for the sponsoring department.

3.1.e  Exception to Policy (Network ID Changes)

Network IDs are considered permanent and are changed under certain circumstances only; for example:

  • Name changes
  • Poor initial selection of Network ID
  • Personal privacy issues

To request changes to a Network ID, complete the applicable fields in the Exception to Policy section near the bottom of the form. Alternatively, users may also call the Crimson Service Desk at 509-335-4357 during business hours.

Enter the current Network ID under From in the Complete if changing Network ID line.

3.2  Routing

Send the completed and approved form to Crimson Service Desk, mail code 1222.

3.3  Security Administrator

ITS completes the requested action and notifies the requesting individual by interdepartmental mail, or by telephone if requested.

4.0  Security

The security of network and computer services is partially dependent upon the actions of individual users. Each individual user is responsible for the following:

  • Safeguarding the Network ID and password.
  • Retaining the Network Services Account Request in a secure location.
  • Not sharing the Network ID with others. ITS assigns a Network ID to an individual user.
  • Immediately contacting the ITS Security Office if the confidentiality of a Network ID is compromised by telephone 509-335-4357 or e-mail
  • Not including any password in automated or preprogrammed logon procedures. The user must manually enter the password to gain access to online services.

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