Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 85: Computing and Telecommunications

Toll Call Authorization

BPPM 85.41

For more information contact:
   Information Technology Services, Crimson Service Desk

Charging Tolls

Long-distance telephone tolls may be charged to appropriate University accounts on the basis of employee authorization codes or predefined expenditure worktags.

Note: Individuals may not use University-paid long-distance telephone services for personal telephone calls, even if the cost of the calls is later reimbursed.

Usage Report

Each month, the WSU Information Technology Services (ITS) Customer Center makes available online reports detailing and summarizing telecommunications expenditures for the related worktags. The reports detail all toll calls, providing dates, times, destinations, and callers’ names (BPPM 85.42).

Administrators may view monthly statements at the ITS Customer Center.

Requesting Authorization

Administrators may authorize personnel to make toll calls by requesting an authorization code for each person requiring use of toll lines.

An administrator may also request setting up a telephone line as unrestricted, with all long-distance calls automatically associated with a the appropriate worktags.

Each authorization code is associated with a specified departmental worktags. Individuals who need to charge calls to more than one set of worktags may be assigned a different authorization code for each set of worktags.

To view current departmental telephone expense worktags, authorization codes, authorizing managers, or delegates, go to the ITS Customer Center.

Request Authorization Code

Use the ITS Customer Center’s online service request forms to add or delete a code or to change restrictions, worktags, or employee information.

Service request forms are available online from the ITS Customer Center:

  • Log in with Network ID and password, then
  • Select the applicable new or current equipment request, then
  • Select the applicable service to add, change, or delete.

Upon receiving the service request, ITS sends an e-mail request for approval to the employee assigned with the appropriate Workday procurement security role (cost center/project/gift/grant manager).


For assistance with completing the online order form, contact Crimson Service Desk; telephone 509-335-4357; or online at Contact ITS.


After notifying the employee of the new code and/or changes, the department files a copy of the e-mail notification of the approved request for telephone authorization codes.

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