Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 95: Travel

Student Travel

BPPM 95.13

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   Travel Services


University faculty and staff who require and/or oversee official travel by students are responsible for observing the following procedure.


These procedures apply to official student travel which is undertaken for purposes of:

  • Any WSU class listed in the Schedules of Classes or any Global Campus class.
  • Off-campus activities of recognized University student groups or University organizations, e.g., ASWSU, Forestry Club, or Outdoor Recreation Center.
  • University administrative or departmental activities.


University and state of Washington regulations apply to student travel. See other sections in (BPPM Chapter 95) for more information about travel.


University student travel may be supported by a departmental account, a special course fee account (see BPPM 30.95), or the student’s personal funds.

First Aid Training

Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) recommends that at least one individual who possesses current first aid training certification accompany students traveling in groups, e.g., field trips. See SPPM 2.40 for information about first aid training.

Statement of Expectations

The responsible faculty or staff member or advisor must prepare a written statement of what is to occur:

  • Include the travel objective. Specify the relationship of the travel to the group activity.
  • Specify the financial arrangements. Include anticipated expenses to be paid by the participant. Indicate the extent of any WSU support for the travel including the Foundation Data Model (FDM) worktags available for that support, if needed.
  • Indicate departure/arrival time(s) and date(s).
  • Specify destinations and planned travel routes.
  • Include mode of transportation.
  • Indicate any hazardous situations and/or locations likely to be encountered, along with recommendations regarding medical insurance or liability responsibility.
More Information

See SPPM Chapter 7 for more information about University motor vehicle risk management and liability policies.


The faculty/staff member distributes the written statement to students prior to travel. This information may be included in a course syllabus or other document.

Travel Arrangements

The responsible faculty or staff member specifies the travel arrangements. Travel for purposes of class field trips or University group activities must be organized by the responsible faculty/staff member. Travel may be by motor vehicle or common carrier (see also BPPM 95.04, 95.07, and 95.11).

Spend Authorization

Complete and route a Spend Authorization in Workday prior to the travel when:

  • A WSU account pays for common carrier transportation.
  • The student receives reimbursement from a WSU account for incurred travel expenses.
  • An exception to permit direct billing of lodging is requested.
  • The travel involves other circumstances requiring written prior approval as described in BPPM 95.05.

In Workday, student travel is approved by the financial manager for the applicable supporting account (e.g., cost center, project, program, grant, and/or gift) on a Spend Authorization. Other signatures, if required, must be gathered outside of Workday, and attached to the Spend Authorization.

See BPPM 95.01 and the Workday Create Spend Authorization reference guide for complete Spend Authorization instructions.

Travel Advances

See BPPM 95.05.

Travel by Common Carrier

Travel Services strongly encourages departments to use Central Travel Accounts (CTAs) to purchase air and rail tickets. See BPPM 95.04 for information about CTAs. See BPPM 95.07 for general information about transportation.

Motor Vehicle Travel

See SPPM 7.10 for requirements for passengers and drivers.

State Vehicles

Motor Pool or departmental vehicles may be used. See BPPM 95.35 for Motor Pool procedures.

Private Vehicles

See BPPM 95.11 for private vehicle procedures.

Student Drivers

The responsible faculty/staff member considers driving skills and reputation when selecting student drivers.

The responsible faculty/staff member, acting as the University’s representative, requests that each student verify that:

  • The student driver possesses a valid driver’s license from his or her state of residence.
  • Any private vehicle used is insured for minimum liability coverage as required by the state of Washington ($25,000 bodily injury per person, $50,000 bodily injury per accident, $10,000 property damage).
  • Any private vehicle used should meet state of Washington standard safety requirements. (WAC 204)
  • The normal passenger capacity of the private vehicle will not be exceeded.
  • The driver and all passengers must use seat belts.

When feasible, the faculty/staff member organizes the vehicles in a caravan and ensures that all participating drivers follow good driving practices.


After the travel, the student submits an Expense Report in Workday through their department to obtain reimbursement for incurred travel expenses. See BPPM 95.20 and the Workday Create Expense Report reference guide.

Revisions:  Jan. 2021 (Rev. 560); Feb. 2001 (Rev. 375); July 1999 (Rev. 143); July 1987 (Rev. 67); July 1985 – new policy (Rev. 60).