BPPM Revision #519

September 13, 2018

This BPPM revision includes the following changes:

Exterior Signage–WSU Pullman 20.42

This revision:

  • Updates the policies for requesting and installing specified permanent exterior signage.
  • Updates the requirements for building identity blade signage and interpretive signs.
  • Adds requirements for directions signs, pedestrian mall signs, and regulatory signs.
  • Changes the subsection regarding signage related to Athletics and UREC to signage related to auxiliary services.
  • Updates the subsection regarding signage related to memorial and dedication plaques and benches.

Nonservice Pay Authorization 30.30

The Nonservice Pay Authorization form is included in this revision:

  • Removes actions to revise or extend a nonservice pay authorization.
  • Adds instructions and form fields for entering the country of citizenship and date of birth if the recipient is not a U.S. citizen.
  • Clarifies the requirement to enter the name of the responsible department.
  • Adds a field indicating whether or not the recipient is enrolled in direct deposit.
  • Adds a requirement to enter a brief description of the nonservice pay in Comments.
  • Updates the disbursement plan to remove the Other and Total Amount Disbursed columns.
  • Adds clarification that disbursement dates are always the first of the month.
  • Removes the requirement to specify the calculation methods used to determine the payments.
  • Adds fields for approving administrator and dean/director names.
  • Adds a description of applicable tax forms related to nonservice payments.
  • Adds a reminder to ensure protection and illegible destruction of the forms, which contain confidential information (e.g., social security numbers), in accordance with University records retention and disposition requirements.

Endowed Professorships 30.82

This new section provides policy and procedures regarding the establishment and management of endowed professorships.

Authority of the Attending Veterinarian 45.42

This new section defines the authority of the institutionally-appointed Attending Veterinarian, in accordance with the federal Animal Welfare Act.

Buying Meals or Light Refreshments for Meetings 70.31

This revision updates and clarifies the requirements and procedures for purchasing meals or light refreshments for meetings. The Request to Service Food form is included in this revision.