Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms Business Policies and Procedures Manual

Revised 10-17

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Departmental Requisition


Departmental Requisition (also available in FileMaker format


Departments use Departmental Requisitions to request that Purchasing Services initiate purchases of goods and services.

Departmental Requisitions are used to:

  • Initiate acquisition of goods and services by purchase order or contract.
  • Initiate acquisition of nonemployee labor for services subject to prevailing wages (e.g., carpentry, electrical, plumbing), unless Purchasing Services provides authorization for a policy exception. See BPPM 70.07.
  • Initiate establishment of blanket orders for goods and services.
  • Initiate establishment of a University contract for goods or services.
  • Initiate renewal of blanket orders or contracts.
  • Request payment of an invoice for goods or services ordered without authorization by exception to policy. See BPPM 70.20.

Purchasing Services conducts most purchasing transactions over $10,000, except transactions for commodities purchased through Facilities Services, Operations. See Purchases Through Facilities Services, Operations below.

Departments are encouraged to conduct purchasing transactions up to $10,000 through direct buy purchasing methods, except transactions for commodities which must be purchased through Facilities Services, Operations and for capitalized equipment. See Purchases Through Facilities Services, Operations below regarding commodities and BPPM 20.50 regarding capitalized equipment.

General Instructions

Form Versions

The Departmental Requisition form is available in PDF and FileMaker format on the PR&F website at:

The Departmental Requisition must be typed or completed electronically.

Alternate Departmental Requisition Records

Alternate departmental requisition records may be substituted for Departmental Requisitions if Purchasing Services approves the alternate requisition record prior to department use.

The expenditure authority must sign and date the alternate departmental requisition record to certify the accuracy.

Purchasing Services maintains a record of all units requesting and using alternate departmental requisition records. Purchasing Services also maintains a copy of the alternate departmental requisition record used by each requesting unit.

Ordering Department Responsibilities

The ordering department determines quantities, minimum technical requirements, and delivery requirements of goods and services.

The department is required to supply justification when a sole source is recommended. (See BPPM 70.01 for a discussion of sole source vendor.)

The ordering department is responsible for ensuring that adequate funds are available to purchase the ordered items.


See BPPM 70.12 for special procedures if existing equipment is offered for trade-in value.

Online Tracking

The ordering department may look up the purchase order number and order status by accessing PAPR. PAPR may be accessed by any employee with an AIS password (see BPPM 85.37).

Routing and Filing

Send the original to Purchasing Services, French Administration 220, campus mail code 1020.

The ordering department retains a copy of the signed requisition as a control copy.

Completion Instructions

The numbered instructions correspond to the numbers on the sample in Figure 1.

1 Campus Mail Code

Indicate the ordering department’s campus mail code.

2 Department

Indicate the name of the department (Chemistry, Education, Agricultural Economics, etc.).

3 Date

Fill in the date that the requisition is completed.

4 Dept. Number (Organization No.)

Enter the department’s organization number in Dept. Number. Purchasing Services, Accounts Payable, and Central Receiving and Delivery use this number to help track the purchase.

Central Receiving and Delivery delivers the order to the address associated with this organization number.

To find the organization number and associated address for any WSU unit, refer to the WSU Organizational Unit Inquiry (WSUORG), an online Administrative Information System application (see BPPM 85.37). If online access is not available, telephone Purchasing Services at 509-335-3541 for organization numbers.

Numbered example of Departmental Requisition
Figure 1
5 Requisition No.

Departments are to establish a numbering system, assigning a separate number to each requisition. The number of characters composing a requisition number may not exceed eight. A number should not include symbols or punctuation. The department and Purchasing Services use this number to track the purchase.

6 Building, Room

If the delivery location is different than the default location for the indicated organization number, indicate where the order is to be delivered, including building and room. Otherwise, leave these fields blank. Include any special delivery instructions in the body of the requisition.

7 Departmental Contact

Indicate the name and telephone number of the administrative or clerical employee responsible for tracking the purchase if the name is different than the default contact name for the organization number as recorded in WSUORG.

8 Technical Contact

Indicate the name and telephone number of the individual who will be using the purchased item.

9 Account Coding

Complete the account coding boxes. When splitting an order between two or more budgets, indicate the amounts for each line of coding under Distribution. Percentage designations are preferred, because the exact cost is not always known. However, amounts may be the appropriate designation when the balance of a grant or contract is involved.

10 Name of Expenditure Authority

Type the name of the individual signing for the expenditure. This individual must have been delegated expenditure authority for the indicated account(s). See BPPM 70.02 for an explanation.

11 Signature of Expenditure Authority

The above-named individual signs the requisition, authorizing the expenditure.

12 Item No

This is a consecutive counting of the items ordered, i.e., 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. It is not a catalog number.

13 Item

This is a description of the ordered item. Double space between items. Indicate the catalog number first, the name of the item, then additional description as needed (color, size, etc.). If there are more than ten items, please type “per attached list” in this section and send a neatly typed list containing all the line items on white bond suitable for photocopying. This procedure is recommended for advertisements and for items with long specifications.

14 Quant

This is the total number of described items.

15 Unit

This is a single-quantity description, for example, “each,” “cases,” “grams,” “pkg,” “doz,” “gal,” etc.

16 Unit Price

This is the price for one unit.

17 Amount

This is the extended total, i.e., quantity times unit price.

18 Delivery Needed By

Provide a date if delivery by a specific date is critical.

19 Encumbrance Required By

This is especially important for orders placed in the last few months of a research grant or contract. It is inadvisable to encumber up to 90 days before the expiration of a grant or contract. Encumbrances at the closing periods of a grant or contract must be justified by the requisitioning department or principle investigator. See BPPM 40.03 for a discussion of expenditure deadlines for sponsored projects.

20 Department Price Source

Indicate where price information was obtained, e.g., catalog, quotation, telephone conversation, previous order, advertisement, or estimate. Attach a copy of a quotation, if available.

21 Vendor Names, Addresses

Indicate the name, address, telephone number, and fax number of the company to which the order is to be sent. If the order is to be bid, list several potential sources if possible. If a single source is recommended, provide justification (see BPPM 70.01).

Prior Approval

Certain types of purchases require additional approval before they may be ordered. Reasons for this approval include safety of personnel, matching major pieces of equipment, or state of Washington requirements.

WSU Units/Administrators

The department may route Departmental Requisitions through indicated approval channels (see below) before sending them to Purchasing Services. This may expedite order processing.

CommoditySource of Approval
Air Conditioners, HeatersFacilities Services, Operations--Director, Maintenance and Utilities Services; mail code 1150
Biological Safety Cabinets
Environmental Health and Safety--University Industrial Hygienist; mail code 1172; and Facilities Service, Operations--Director, Maintenance and Utilities Services; mail code 1150.
Equipment Requiring Support
Utilities or Auxiliary Equipment
(E.g., Autoclaves, Sterilizers)
Facilities Services, Operations--Director, Maintenance and Utilities Services; mail code 1150
Personal Services ContractsDean, director, or principal administrative officer. See also BPPM 70.50.
Printing and Copying ServicesSee BPPM 80.05.
Radioactive MaterialsNuclear Radiation Center--Radiation Safety Supervisor; mail code 1302. See SPPM 9.50.
Research DatabasesLibrary Administrative Office--Assistant Library Director, Administration
Carpeting, Floor Coverings, Window Coverings,
Furniture Requiring Connections to Building or Building Utilities
Purchased through Facilities Services, Operations (without Departmental Requisition). See Purchases Through Facilities Services, Operations below. (NOTE: Housing and Dining Services submits requests for such commodities with Departmental Requisitions to Purchasing Services. Housing and Dining Services purchases do not require approval by Facilities Services, Operations.)

Purchasing Services

Purchasing Services verifies that all proposed purchases are appropriate and in accordance with WSU and state of Washington policies. See BPPM 70.03 for general guidelines regarding allowability.


To look up the status of a Departmental Requisition, access PAPR. PAPR may be accessed by any employee with an AIS password (see BPPM 85.37).

  • Log in to PAPR.
  • Select DEPTREQN to go to the Departmental Requisition subsystem.
  • Select QDRID to query by requisition number.
  • To view the status of a purchase order, select SRCPORID.
  • To view the status of a blanket order, select SRCBARID.
Contract Status

To query the current status of a contract, telephone Purchasing Services at 509-335-3541.

Direct Buy Purchases

Departments have direct buy authority for allowable purchases up to $10,000.

Departments are encouraged to purchase all allowable goods and services with University purchasing cards (see BPPM 70.08). Departments that do not have University purchasing cards are encouraged to purchase all allowable goods and services with Department Orders (see BPPM 70.07).

NOTE: Issuance of multiple department orders or purchasing card transactions to circumvent the direct buy limit is prohibited.

Purchases Through Facilities Services, Operations

Departments are to contact Facilities Services, Operations to initiate purchases for the following commodities:

  • Carpeting
  • Floor coverings
  • Window coverings
  • Furniture requiring connections to the building or building utilities

The department does not submit a Departmental Requisition for Facilities Services, Operations purchasing transactions. See BPPM 80.45 for procedures to request Facilities Services, Operations purchasing services.


Facilities Services, Operations does not initiate purchases of carpeting, floor coverings, window coverings, or furniture requiring connections to the building or building utilities for Housing and Dining Services. Housing and Dining Services submits Departmental Requisitions to Purchasing Services to initiate such purchases.