Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 80: Services

Funding Departmental and Research Project Equipment Maintenance

BPPM 80.58

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   Facilities Services, Operations


When equipment is purchased and installed primarily to support a research project, grant, or specific departmental use, the project or department is responsible for all of the following:

  • Ensuring that all equipment wired to building circuits or connected by power plug to building sockets/outlets is compliant with National Electrical Code (NEC) provisions. To ensure compliance, equipment must be:
    • Tested and listed by UL LLC (UL) formerly known as Underwriter’s Laboratory and bearing the listing mark; or
    • Listed by a nationally recognized testing laboratory; or
    • Inspected and approved by the authority having jurisdiction over the NEC provisions.

    See SPPM 2.72.

  • Covering the costs of equipment maintenance.
  • Covering the costs for any required facility modification.

Departments are advised to consult with their campus facilities department regarding facility needs prior to purchase or grant submittal.


Departments are encouraged to ensure that each grant and contract request includes funding to adequately cover installation and all maintenance costs for research project equipment during the period of the research project.

At the completion of the research project and/or grant, the department finances the ongoing maintenance costs of the equipment, places the equipment in storage, or removes the equipment from the building.

For equipment purchased by departmental funds, the department finances ongoing maintenance for the life of the equipment.

The research project or department assumes responsibility for ensuring that funds are available to cover such costs. Note: For equipment purchased by a state- or donor-funded major capital project, the department is responsible for ongoing maintenance costs for the life of the equipment.


The department may establish a service contract with a vendor to conduct the maintenance. Another option is that the campus facilities department may provide maintenance support for departmentally-funded equipment on a recharge basis if Facilities Services shop personnel have the knowledge skills and abilities needed to perform the work.

With the department’s approval, the campus facilities department may establish a preventive maintenance schedule which is based on the equipment manufacturer’s specifications.

The campus facilities department then bills the departments for maintenance services performed on department/research project equipment.

Recharge Billing

The requisitioning department requests the establishment of a blanket requisition by routing an Interdepartmental Requisition and Invoice (IRI) or Internal Service Delivery business process in Workday to the campus facilities department. Note: The requisitioning department must have an employee assigned with the internal service delivery data entry specialist security role in order to use the Workday process.

See BPPM 70.05 and 70.06 and the Workday Internal Service Delivery reference guide, if applicable. See also BPPM 85.33 and the Workday Security reference guides regarding assigning security roles to access Workday modules and business processes.

The blanket IRI or Internal Service Delivery request is charged against the research project or department supporting worktags, e.g., cost center, program, gift, grant, or project.

Equipment Number

The campus facilities department assigns an equipment number to each piece of equipment identified on the blanket IRI or Internal Service Delivery request. Each equipment number is associated with the costs for all maintenance performed on that equipment by the campus facilities department for the department/research project.

Property Number

The requisitioning department is responsible for obtaining an inventory number for each equipment item, in accordance with the property inventory procedures in BPPM 20.50.

Tracking Costs

The department views maintenance charges for a department/research project account by accessing reports in Workday. (See BPPM 30.07 and the Workday Using Reports reference guide.)

Maintenance charges for equipment funded by a department/research project are listed in the Workday Finance, Grants, or Procurement Reports, as applicable, by the assigned equipment number.

WSU Pullman campus departments may also view maintenance charges through myFacilities.

Revisions:  January 2021 (Rev. 560); Apr. 2017 (Rev. 490); Dec. 2006 (Rev. 291); May 2001 – new policy (Rev. 185).