Safety Policies and Procedures Manual

Comprehensive Table of Contents

SPPM Chapter Table of Contents

Chapter/Section TitleIssue Date*
0.01Emergency Contacts and Information11-21
1.00Introduction and Organization - Table of Contents
1.10Introduction to the Manual12-22
1.30Safety, Health, and Security Offices Organization Chart01-20
1.35Safety, Health, and Security Committees Organization Chart01-20
2.00General Workplace Safety
2.10Accident Prevention Responsibility10-02
2.12Level 3 and Level 4 Safety, Health, and Security Committees and Meetings07-20
-- Form: Safety, Health, and Security Committee Meeting Agenda and Minutes01-19
2.14Safety Bulletin Boards01-11
2.16Safety Orientation01-13
-- Form: Safety Orientation Checklist07-22
2.18Safety Training12-17
2.20Responding to an Injury Incident01-11
2.22Requesting an Ambulance10-85
2.24Reporting Accidental Injuries and Work-Related Illnesses07-17
2.26Investigating Accidents01-08
-- Form: Supervisor's Accident Investigation Report05-23
-- Form: Witness/Injured Person Statement09-13
2.30Workers' Compensation01-11
2.32Return-to-Work Policy03-11
2.40First Aid Training12-17
2.42First Aid Kits09-14
2.44Bloodborne Pathogens05-12
2.45Employee Medical Surveillance09-16
2.46Public Access Defibrillators11-23
-- Public Access Defibrillator Use Agreement11-23
2.50Self Inspection10-07
-- Form: Safety Inspection Checklist10-07
2.52Hazard Notification01-24
-- Form: Hazard Notification01-24
2.60General Requirements for Personal Protective Equipment04-21
2.62Respiratory Protection Program07-20
2.63Working During Wildfire Smoke Events04-24
2.64Hearing Conservation07-20
2.68Confined Spaces07-20
2.70Indoor Air Quality04-99
2.71Machinery Safeguards04-21
2.72Electrical Safety04-17
2.73Control of Hazardous Energy Sources03-20
2.78Safety Precautions for Office Workers05-09
2.80Compressed Gases and Gas Cylinders07-20
3.00Shop / Agricultural Workplace Safety
3.14Prescription Eyewear Program11-01
3.16Safety Footwear04-21
3.34Elevated Work Safety04-10


-- Form: Fall Protection Work Plan10-92
3.42Working in Cold Environments12-99
3.44Outdoor Heat Stress01-24
3.46Trench and Excavation Safety03-11
3.64 Forklift Safety01-21
4.00Laboratory Safety - Table of Contents
4.12Chemical Hygiene Plan for Laboratories03-24
4.14Chemical Carcinogens in Laboratories03-11
4.20Research Biosafety Policy10-19
4.22Biological Safety Cabinets07-19
4.24Disposal of Biohazard Wastes09-13
4.25Disposal of Sharps10-16
4.26Disposal of Laboratory Glass Waste09-16
4.30Maintenance and Construction Activities in Laboratories01-13
4.33Laboratory Signage09-16
4.50Laser Safety01-09
5.00Chemical / Hazardous Material Safety - Table of Contents
5.10Chemical Hazard Communication Program09-17


-- Form: Safety Data Sheet Request09-17
5.12Chemical Carcinogens--Nonlaboratory Locations03-11
5.15Eyewashes and Safety Showers05-24
5.22Asbestos Safety11-21
5.25Lead Safety12-99
5.40Transport and Shipment of Hazardous Materials and Dangerous Goods05-19
5.62Chemical Spill Control04-21
5.66Recycling or Disposal of Chemical Wastes04-21
5.68Accumulation of Dangerous Chemical Waste10-17
6.00Public Health and Environmental Quality - Table of Contents
6.10Smoking, Tobacco, and Nicotine Use10-19
6.20Food Safety and Sanitation05-17
6.28Animal Control11-21


--Appendix: Animal Control Call List--Whitman County11-21
6.30Pest Control11-21


--Appendix: Pest Control Call List--Whitman County11-21
6.33Prevention of Hantavirus Exposure01-21
6.35Bird and Bat Waste Exposure Prevention01-21
6.50Drinking Water Systems06-08
6.52Swimming Pools and Spas03-11
6.55Air and Water Pollution Control01-05
6.56Wildfire Smoke04-21
6.58Stormwater Management09-21
6.70Sewage Spills and Cleanup08-20
7.00Motor Vehicle Safety - Table of Contents
7.10Requirements for Driving Vehicles on University Business08-23


-- Handout: Operator's Responsibilities07-09


-- Handout: Emergency and Post-Accident Guidelines07-09


-- Handout: Full-Size Van Safety References and Tips07-09


-- Handout: Reducing the Risk of Rollover Crashes in Passenger Vans07-09


-- Hangtag: Alert! Passenger Van Drivers07-09
7.20Motor Vehicle Accidents10-19
8.00Fire Safety - Table of Contents
8.12Flammable/Combustible Liquid Storage08-06
8.13Combustible Material Storage in Data Centers01-22
8.14Combustible Material Storage in Equipment Rooms01-22
8.15General Combustible Material Storage01-22
8.20Reporting Fires and Fire Survival08-06
8.22Fire Extinguishers04-21
8.23Fire Safety, Evacuation, and Prevention Planning03-24
8.24Exit Routes10-23
8.25Fire Alarms03-24
8.27Evacuation of Persons with Disabilities10-05
8.50Space Heaters04-06
8.70Holiday Decorations09-10
9.00Radiation Safety - Table of Contents
9.05Introduction to SPPM Chapter 9: Radiation Safety09-14
9.06Commitment to ALARA09-14
9.10Administration and Support of the Radiation Protection Program09-14
9.20Radiation Protection Program Implementation09-14
9.30Assurance of Public and Worker Safety09-14
9.40Authorization to Possess and Use Ionizing Radiation09-14
9.50Radioactive Materials Authorization09-14
9.60Radiation Machine Authorization01-21
9.70Radioactive Waste Management09-14
9.80Radiological Incident and Emergency Response09-14
9.90Regulatory Oversight and References09-14
9.95Acronyms and Definitions09-14
*The issue date refers to the latest revision date for the section.